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Refresh & Restart Your Energy

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to refresh and restart your energy. What do I mean by that? Think of it as a clean slate. What old thought patterns or beliefs no longer fit? What old habits are no longer working? What old ways of solving or doing things no longer get the results? It’s time to evaluate your energy and where you have been putting it and how you were using it. If you have been doing the things the same way most of your life and are unhappy with your results, why do you keep doing it? What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. When you refresh and restart your energy you are saying it’s time for different results, I’m ready! So how can you start to evaluate the old energy, beliefs or habits that no longer work? What new efforts and energy are you willing to try? How can you refresh your energy?

It sounds easy in theory to change your energy but most of us would have done it a long time ago if it were that simple. Old energy, beliefs and habits are engrained in us. It is that automatic behavior that we know and have a long history with. Like a really worn path that we never walk off. Even if it hasn’t worked, we believe this is just how it is, and we may have to deal with not getting the results we want. But that’s not true. We just need to stop and look at things to really understand what patterns we are trying to break. The good news is over the past few years there has been so much upheaval and change that it has forced us to slow down and really look at our lives. It was the screeching halt we needed to decide if we still want to walk on the worn in path of our past. Most people have started to question what they want and if what they do can manifest the life they really want to receive. If you have already started this process of looking at your life and past, you are now ready for the next step. Refresh and restart your energy!

Once you identify old energy or habits you are letting go of, you can also identify what new energy you want to create. Say you have had a long history of people pleasing. You have finally realized that you do not need to please others to “earn” love. So, what new energy will you create going forward? Words like freedom, self-love, and happiness might start to come to mind. So how do you create that new energy in your new life? What things bring in that energy for you? What actions, new beliefs and new habits are aligned with your new energy? The more you do things for you, learn to love yourself you will naturally draw in people and opportunities that also love you for who you are. You will create a new reality that supports your new belief. You will have a fresh start to the new life you want to live.

Maybe you are releasing old beliefs that you need to work hard for things and prove you earned it. Your new energy might help you practice receiving things easier. New opportunities will appear that will help you experience how easy things can manifest and come into your life. Saying things like I can receive easily, or things flow to me with ease can help create the energy shift. Just because someone else or an institution says it must be hard to earn or receive “fill in the blank”, does it have to be? Question old narratives and beliefs that others are forcing on you. Those are the rules for their reality, but does it need to be yours going forward?

Think of this phase as creating the energy you want to move into. Just like when you build a house, you need to plan and decide what it will look like. You use tools and your imagination to create the energy and space you want to be in. Picking out tile, paint colors, light fixtures and so on. You need to do the same thing with the new energy you want to be in. Instead of heartache, sadness, struggle you are creating an energy home of happiness, ease and peace. And most importantly you do not need to bring any of the old energy with you into your new environment. Just because you had that old couch for years and your parents gave it to you does not mean you need to bring it into your new home. Especially because it won’t fit the new energy décor. Just like with furniture and decorations your energy also needs to be updated and refreshed.

Start designing your new energy for the new you. Identify the old energy you want to release and see what new energy you will replace it with. Give yourself permission to release the old energy. What is holding you from letting go – old beliefs, emotional ties, fear of change? Then give yourself the time to understand what kind of new energy you want to replace it with. Don’t hold back, dream big and expand what you have limited yourself from receiving in the past. Refresh and restart your energy and see how you can live the life you always dreamed!

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