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Energetic Distractions

Distractions happen all the time. You can be in the middle of a conversation and all of a sudden “SQUIRREL”, wait what were we talking about? Something that pulls your attention away from the present moment. It can be a physical thing, a thought, a feeling, a sound, another person and so on. It is causing you to put your attention elsewhere. This can be for a moment, something short term. Or it can be something bigger, changing life plans or adapting to what is needed instead of what is wanted. What most people don’t know is that our energy can get distracted as well. You might be feeling really good and then boom, something on the news throws you into a spiral of anxiousness or anger. You may go into work with the idea it’s going to be a good day and then that special person just does something to totally upset your day. Your energy was distracted and changed from your original intent. So how do we have more awareness when our energy is being distracted? How can we stay more focused on what we want to experience?

It's hard not to just react to changing energies around us. Or being influenced by them. Most of us lead with our emotions as to how things make us feel. We see the latest thing on the news that we must be angry about. It is hurting someone, if you have a heart you should be upset. If you don’t what is wrong with you. You watch and think yes that is upsetting I must be upset about it. Most of the time without going any further than that. Then you find yourself upset, start telling others “can you believe this…..”? Influencing or distracting others with what to be upset about. And on and on. Energetic distractions can have a really fast domino effect from person to person. Within a few short hours most the people you know can be suddenly distracted or upset by something they saw on the news or social media. But is that how you wanted to spend your day? Is that the energy you wanted to participate in or spread?

Being aware of our energy and how powerful it can be is so important. We choose every moment if we want to be distracted or influenced by energies around us. This can be confusing when we see something tragic or sad. Or are around a friend or family member going through something difficult. We think if we care we will show it. We will be in that energy with them. Of course you want to show care and concern. But do you let the energy distract you long term from what you wanted to experience? Do you sit in the harsher energy most of the day or week? It is important to understand that we can care and show empathy towards someone or something, but we don’t need to sit in that energy for extended time to prove how much we care.

It is important to know what you intend to experience in your energy for the day, week, month, or year. If you get distracted from it, it’s ok. But be sure to bring yourself back on point to the energy you want to experience. If you are in a conversation and see a squirrel and pause for a few minutes but get back on track that is fine. If you got distracted and ran off and chased the squirrel for days that is a problem. But that is what a lot of us can do energetically. You get caught up in an experience, emotion, other people or the latest news, or social media item and linger in the energy far too long and it distracts you from what you really want to experience. This can happen when caring for friends or loved ones having a rough time. Holding back from being successful to not hurt others around you. Staying in emotional pain from past events and stopping you from experiencing new ones.

Think about dreams you had as a young adult. Maybe it was a career path or a lifestyle. What distracted you from pursuing and living in that energy? Was it other people, life events, advice, or even health issues? What bigger choices have you been distracted from in your life? Look at your day-to-day energy and choices. What is influencing you or distracting you from being in the energy you want to experience? It’s ok to feel emotions and we should. It is ok to have empathy for others. It is good to notice what is going on in the world. But don’t chase the energy for days, weeks, months, or years. Notice it, take action as needed but get back on track to the energy you want to live in your life. Be aware and identify energetic distractions in your life, then stay on track with the energetic life you want to experience.

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