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Kristine has been an important piece of my personal growth since beginning Reiki sessions with her almost a year ago. She takes on new clients with compassion, understanding, and professionalism. I would highly recommend Kristine to anyone thinking about opening themselves up to Reiki, or those that are already experienced. She is an amazing practitioner and person.

- Kaylie, Milwaukee, WI

If I had to sum up my Reiki experience with Kristine in one word it would be this: Transformational. I have found that the more regularly I see Kristine, the more balanced, inspired and rejuvenated I feel – physically, mentally and emotionally. Kristine complements her Reiki sessions with intuitive messages and I have found both solace and strength in the messages she has shared with me. And as someone who has always struggled with finding time (and feeling deserving of) self-care, I always look forward to the mindfulness and healing that transpires during my sessions with Kristine!

-Amanda, Wauwatosa, WI

Being a skeptic I waited until after my wife's 4th visit with Kristine. Each time my wife came from her time with Kristine the emotional release was impressive. Now I have visited Kristine 6 times. Each time my session is finished I wish I had not waited so long in between my sessions. Kristine has a calming and caring presence about her. Her level of attunement to the energies held within our bodies is amazing. I will be a client of hers for life. 
- Steve, Milwaukee, WI

Kristine is not only my energy healer, she is my career coach, life coach, cheerleader, and friend. She goes above and beyond, not just at appointments, but also between appointments. She continually invests in me. I went into my first appointment slightly apprehensive. Now, I get super excited for my appointments, and have encouraged all my family and friends to go, too. Kristine is immensely gifted and radiates joy. She never judges, always encourages, and always loves. Kristine changes lives. I know because she has changed mine."

- Jamie, Bayside, WI

Kristine has changed my life. And she changed it through Reiki. While Reiki is incredibly powerful, I believe that it really was Kristine’s spirit, energy and love that she shared with me through Reiki that made all the difference. I definitely was a skeptic at first, but thought “why not”? It only took one session to make me a believer. Kristine’s insight and wisdom about things I had not ever shared with her was too on the mark to be a fluke or a lucky guess. You can quite literally feel the energy she shares (giving the good and taking the bad) during the session. Those sessions have opened my eyes and my heart to possibilities I would never had considered in my life. While it didn’t happen overnight, it did happen and it wouldn’t have happened without this amazing woman with her amazing gift! I’ll be forever grateful for her!

-Allison, Oak Creek, WI

I love reiki sessions with Kristine because she communicates. She brings voice to the stuck-ness and the flow. She hints at possible meanings. She allows me to connect the dots. Kristine is not a rigid practitioner of the way but allows the blossom to blossom. She is in the flow herself. The most amazing thing to me is that she meditates on my suchness before my arrival and frequently tells me what's going on in my life with very little prompting from me. We are not friends or friends-of-friends outside of the sessions. How could she see me so well?
-David, Milwaukee, WI

Reiki has been a fun and joyous experience for me. What I love about seeing Kristine is that each and every session with her is unique. And somehow, each time, I receive the guidance, clarity and peace of mind I need right then! It's miraculous. Over the course of a few months I have been able to say hello to my true self, shedding self-doubt and replacing it with calm, confidence and joy. I often leave feeling overcome with excitement, and ready to share that joy with others! I also take comfort when I suddenly realize that our last session (or maybe one or two ago!) gave me the real-life insight I need to handle a new situation. It's a really comforting feeling. Add in the healing my body is experiencing along the way, and I cannot say enough how much Reiki with Kristine means to me.

-Emily, Traverse City, MI

I have been working with Kristine for more than two years now and it has changed my life.  Her intuitive abilities combined with her caring manner and the soothing environment she creates have helped me to work through a number of important issues in my life. No matter who you are and where you are in your own life journey, you should spend time with Kristine.

-Catherine, Milwaukee, WI 

I have very high regards for Kristine.  I became a Reiki Master/Teacher under her instructions and it was an amazing experience.  She is extremely intuitive and very compassionate about Reiki and helping others.  I have learned so much from her and I have benefited immensely during my Reiki sessions with Kristine.  She has such a powerful and positive energy.  My life has been blessed in many ways since meeting and working with Kristine.  

-Cheri, Pine, AZ

Quite simply, Kristine has changed my life. I have been able to live a much more fulfilled life, both personally and professionally, because of the work Kristine and I have done. She has been able to help me tap into my best self and realize my top potential. I would not have achieved the goals or accomplishments that I set for myself without her help. I started seeing Kristine about 4 years ago. I had never heard of Reiki and was not sure what to expect. I knew after my first appointment that I would keep coming back. The combination of her energy work and her intuitiveness makes her a really strong practitioner. I am glad to have her as part of my wellness team. 

-Kerri, Shorewood, WI

I was a skeptic about Reiki, but a good friend of mine who swears by Kristine’s unique talent talked me into giving it a try. I’m so thankful I did! Reiki has become a staple for my self-care, and more importantly, Reiki with Kristine is what makes it so important to my health. Kristine is a bright light – one of those positive energy people I love to be around. Her talent, energy and keen personalized care have changed my life. I still don’t understand how it all works, but I feel refreshed and focused after each session. I see Kristine once a month as part of my self-care routine and feel more balanced and happy than I have in years.

-Karen, Cedarburg, WI

Energy sessions with Kristine have been transforming and uplifting. She is an intuit Reiki professional who meets the client where they are at and helps them reach the next level. Kristine is an exceptional Reiki instructor and I had the privilege of becoming a Reiki Master Teacher under her guidance. I’m deeply grateful to Kristine for her life changing gifts she's shared with me and the value her sessions and workshops bring to my life.  

-Kay, Mequon, WI

I’ve always been a fan of Reiki and am familiar with the benefits. I met Kristine through a mutual contact and followed her progress with her healing business.  I started receiving Reiki treatments from Kristine about 8 months ago and the treatments has made such a difference in my life.  My journey of self-discovery started a year ago and going to Kristine for Reiki was the natural next step.  My experiences with her and Reiki has allowed me “peel back layers” and believe in myself and be true to myself. Not only has the treatments helped me, but her kindness and understanding has guided me and given me confidence in moving forward with my journey.  Thank you Kristine for all that you do!

-Mindy, West Allis, WI

Article on Milwaukee Record

Intuitive Reiki blends therapy and telepathy with the human touch

-Tyler Maas

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