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Outgrowing Your Goals

Do you have goals you have had all your life? Or long-standing goals on career, relationships, home, or finances? Goals you worked towards for many years. Goals you thought were important to you. You may have spent a lot of energy trying to achieve these goals. Thinking this is what will make me happy, feel successful and even feel loved. But something is happening lately with all the change in energy. People are outgrowing their goals. They might be moving so fast in energy changes that they skip right over goals they hoped to achieve. Or with so much change they no longer resonate with long standing goals. So how can we easily adjust and adapt when this happens? How can we let go of the old goals that no longer serve us? How can we recognize what our new goals are?

Our energy has been on hold for the past few years. Forcing us to slow down and look at what we really want in our lives. Were we living the life we really want? What is important to us now? This slow down allowed a lot of people to really take a deep dive into their lives and decide to make some big changes. Now with all this energy ready to move again, we are moving even faster towards and past our goals. When this happens our energy has outgrown the need for what the old goal was providing. For example, say you always wanted a specific job title at work. You have been trying and trying for many years to reach this level. You may have wanted this to prove you are successful. To show others you made it. To even feel like all the hard work was worth it. But what if your energy changed so much that those reasons no longer apply and the goal seems less desirable or appealing? Chances are you outgrew the need for that goal. You might value your time more and want less stress more than what the job title would give you.

It is important to recognize when we have outgrown our old goals. This will allow us to let go of the old energy and free ourselves up for what matches us now. This process will also help you discover new goals you may want to achieve. It expands what we thought was possible to experience in our lives. What if you thought you could only obtain a certain position at work. Maybe you had low self-esteem or a belief that you were not worthy of anything more. Then you let go and healed those old beliefs. Suddenly a whole new world of possibilities can open for you. Things you couldn’t accept or receive in your life in the past suddenly become a real option. In essence you moved to a new level of what you can experience and receive.

When we are shifting, changing and healing our energy so rapidly it is important to check in with ourselves. What do we want now? What were old goals trying to fulfill for us? Have we healed those needs or old beliefs? What if for years you worked to write a book or be a coach or start a business. You wanted to achieve these goals for various needs. Then suddenly, those things no longer appeal to you. You might say I don’t want to do that anymore. The draw might not be there as it was in the past. Can you recognize this new energy and be willing to accept it? Some people have a hard time letting go of old goals. You may have told a lot of people what you were trying to do and feel you are failing or letting others down. You may not know who you are if you are no longer “that” person. You may be afraid to let go of a goal that doesn’t feel complete. But instead, maybe you just outgrew the need for the goal. It’s not about failing or quitting. It’s about leapfrogging ahead to a whole new energy. Full of new options that match the new you.

So as your energy shifts and changes, be sure to check in with yourself. What long standing goals no longer resonate with you? How can you update these? How can you let them go? What will change if you do? Instead honor your energy changes and know that you are not the same person when you set those goals. You have changed a lot and it’s time to recognize that. The sooner you can let go of the old goals the sooner you can draw in the energies that match you now. You will see yourself differently. Understand what you really desire now. And ultimately let new opportunities come into your life that match who you are now. Don’t be afraid of outgrowing and letting go of your old goals. Give yourself so much love for doing work, healing your energy and jumping ahead. Start dreaming bigger and discover new goals you never thought you could bring into your life!

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