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Finding Your Energetic Truth

Truth is an interesting concept that is highly debated and often sought to be discovered or revealed. It can divide people, bring them together and cause massive shifts in our perceptions. The dictionary defines Truth as the quality or state of being true or a fact or belief that is accepted as true. Ok so then what is True? The dictionary also defines True as being in accordance with fact or reality or something that is accurate or exact. Uh huh… it sounds pretty important and official but also vague and undefined. Truth can be something that we all aim and strive, or even search for. That one ultimate truth that we all can agree on. The problem is in a world filled with so many people with so many different experiences it is hard to get everyone perfectly aligned on what is true. What is true for you might not be true for someone else. For example, what if someone says playing sports is the best way to relieve stress. Yes, that is true for them but for someone that doesn’t enjoy sports it is NOT true for them. So how do we prove who is right and who is wrong? Who has the final say on the matter? What can be done to prove that belief is right or wrong to the point everyone can agree on what is true? The point is we can’t. So then how do we start understanding our own energetic truth and accept or allow others to have theirs? How can we have compassion and respect for all truths and not expect everyone to agree with each other?

Some of my favorite classes in school where the ones I was challenged to use critical thinking or participate in debating ideas. I just heard some of you cringe out loud..ha! The point being I love to be challenged in how I think and view the world. I love to hear other’s opinions, thoughts, ideas and experiences. Even if I don’t personally agree with someone, I am fascinated to know how they created their truth. I love to investigate and gather info from all sources and see what resonates with me. So, what is my goal in doing this? It is not to prove my thoughts are right and someone else’s is wrong. It is to challenge my own energetic truths and openly discuss ideas and thoughts. To gather information from multiple sources. Hear different sides of a topic being discussed or debated and then finding what resonates with me – my energetic truth. We all develop our truth from the information we receive and personal experiences. Think about what sources are you getting most of your information from? News, social media, school, work, friends, and family are the most common. Think how that information is being given to you. Is it told, taught, promoted, sold, explained, debated, or discussed? Is the information re-enforcing a current belief or is it challenging it? How do you react when something is challenging a belief system? Do you respond mainly with emotion? Are you open to discuss other ideas or concepts or do you shut down and not listen? Do you become fearful of a different opinion and become defensive? Or do you stay engaged and ask questions or gather more information? It is important for each of us to understand how our energetic truth is being created and what is influencing it.

Expecting a truth to resonate with everyone is just not possible. People are experiencing different things, at different chapters in their life story and some just don’t want or aren't able to view anything outside of the reality they created. That is why it is so important to have respect and compassion for where people are at in developing their energetic truth. One great way to look at this is an example of two people who decide to read a series of books. One person is speeding through and is already on the third of five books. The other person might only be halfway through the first book. Because of this each will have a different truth about the story. The person farther along might have read the big plot twist already and know that a main character who was thought to be bad is actually good! But if they tried to explain this to the person that is still on the first book they probably wouldn’t believe it as a truth. Just like in life we are all receiving different information at different times in different ways. So one person might have done a lot of research on a topic and have a wide range of information to form their truth. While another person might only get their information from one or two sources with little effort or reason to question what they are being given. But both create their truth based on what they experience and receive. Both are true to each of them. So you see why it is so hard to get every single person to agree on one complete truth?

Just by understanding this, it gives you the freedom to create your own energetic truth. Know if you do not match exactly with other people that is ok. Developing what resonates with you and creating your own truth is a valuable life skill. It will help you know what is energetically best for you and what resonates in your life. It will be easier to make decisions and life changes knowing your own energetic truth. Knowing it is ok if others do not agree or that you agree with them. Accepting that all people are creating their energetic truth at their speed in their time and with what they need.

In a world that has been so divided by - I’m right you’re wrong, try to find peace within yourself. Create your own beliefs, reality, and energetic truth that resonates with you. Focus on what is best for you and know that everyone else also has the right to do the same. Do not be afraid of other opinions, thoughts, or ideas. Instead, be open to discuss, debate and share or at the very least respect that all people have a right to their opinions. You never know what you might learn or what someone might learn from you when you keep evolving your energetic truth. Trust what is best for you, know how important it is to have personal energetic truths and accept that there has never been and never will be one ultimate truth that everyone agrees on. Don’t use your energy to try and control or change other people’s energetic truth. Be respectful of others and start living and expanding your energetic truth to the fullest. When you do, you will experience more peace, happiness and a life that resonates with your unique energetic truth!

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