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Energetic Oil and Water

I have found myself using this phrase quite a bit in my Intuitive Reiki sessions lately “it’s just like how oil and water don’t mix”. It’s a great visual to see how two liquids stay separate and cannot mix together. I won’t go into all the science behind it, but you have seen this happen. When poured together the oil is less dense and floats to the top of water. Both are liquids and in the same container but simply don’t mix and stay separate. Why am I talking about this? Well you may have noticed that the same thing is happening to many of you energetically. You no longer seem to “mix” with people and places the way you once did. Things you once enjoyed now seem labored or unappealing to you. Friendships and relationships seem to have changed and you don’t have as much in common anymore. Why is this happening and why can it feel sad or lonely? This is happening because you are changing energetically. And when this happens you can no longer mix with the same things in the way you once did. You are becoming the oil and no longer can mix with the water. As hard as you try it just doesn’t go back to the way it once mixed so well.

Think about your own life. Are you or other people you were once close with changing? This could be family, friends, relationships and even work environments. When you try and mix it could start out as being uncomfortable, then annoying or frustrating and even grow into a toxic feeling. Yes, sometimes it can feel so different that it is hard to be around people or situations. That is because your energy no longer “mixes” with these people or places. Things you once loved and enjoyed are now boring and stale feeling. A job you once enjoyed now feels painful to experience.

But this is a part of healing and growing. Even though it can feel confusing and lonely it is a healing process. You have learned lessons or healed old beliefs that no longer serve you. People that once helped you learn these lessons are no longer holding the same purpose in your life. For example, maybe you needed to learn about self-worth. Think of someone in your life that always challenged you on this topic. Maybe you were always trying to please them or win their approval. Well once you learned to believe in your own self-worth and healed the need for outside approval then this person may no longer be required in your life. Your energy no longer matches “like oil and water” and you no longer can mix with them.

We are constantly healing and growing in our lives. Everyone does this at their own pace and when they are ready. Change can happen at anytime in your life if you are ready to heal. Long term relationships that you held for most of your life might suddenly feel different and no longer brings you what you need once you do your healing. But when you lose those strong connections it can often feel lonely and scary. All that you once knew is gone and you are left with a new path in front of you. How do I even start? This is your opportunity to explore new things, find new friends or new relationships or a new job. Finding ones that “mix” with the new you. Finding your new oil. It can be a scary and lonely process at first. But it will also bring you the much-needed change you have been wanting to receive. It will allow new and wonderful things to come into your life that you are now ready to mix with.

Don’t be thrown off by this process. You are going through a healing and letting go of situations or people for the lessons you have learned. It is ok to move and change at your own pace and when you are ready. Thank the people or situations that have been in your life for helping you learn your lessons. They are important and have helped you more than you can comprehend. But also, be forgiving of yourself for moving on and mixing with the new oil that matches you.

Know that some people may still come back in your life but only if they can “mix” with the new you. Some will and some won’t. Part of this process is being ok with that and allowing other people or situations to adjust to the new you. Have compassion for everyone involved and know that adjusting is required. You are healing and changing and when that happens the difference in the old and the new can feel so separate and no longer mix – just like oil and water. Know that you are becoming the oil and that is a beautiful transformation. Allow yourself to float up and experience all that mixes with the new you!

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