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Energetic Freedom

A big movement that is happening to so many people right now is the need for energetic freedom. You might be noticing this in your own life. Suddenly not wanting to please other people, standing up for yourself, choosing what is best for you based on your decision and not other’s opinions. For most people you notice it when you no longer want to do the same things or be told the same things. You start to form and understand your own opinions and views. You give yourself more space to think your own thoughts, to question things and no longer just go along for the ride. This is happening because the change you really want can only come with true energetic freedom.

Think about your life and what it has been focused on? Was it built on the beliefs and ideas of others? Was it to please other’s values? Was it considered the “right” thing to do? We are taught from a young age to listen to others, respect other’s opinions, to trust the information we are given. It is good to have a framework, but have we gone too far where we ignore our own ideas, thoughts, and opinions? Is it easier to go along with other’s opinions, beliefs, and ideas? Maybe you do not want to rock the boat by having a different view, or do not have the energy to deal with people getting upset by what you feel or think. Most of us have fallen into that rut of just going along with the status quo because it is easier. But why doesn’t this feel right? Are you not feeling aligned or free to trust your own thoughts and opinions?

Everyone has experienced some form of energetic control or influence by others. It can be as simple as a commercial on TV telling you what to like and not like. It can be a family member, friend or co-worker influencing you to meet their needs first. It can be a teacher or instructor telling you the “right” way to do something. It can be social ideas convincing you they are right and everything else is wrong. And unfortunately, energetic influence or control can be more severe if you are dealing with people that are narcissist or sociopaths. These people, organizations or ideas try to manipulate your energy in varying degrees. They might try to control how you think and feel and what you believe in. It can be done to have complete control over you, to sway an opinion or choice or simply so you like them. There are varying degrees to this control or influence. Some people do it innocently to get their way while others pre-plan and knowingly disrespect people's energy.

And why does it work? Why do we listen and follow? The biggest reason is because we are taught not to trust ourselves and seeking outside approval. We are constantly looking for the right way to do things, making sure we will not mess it up or choose poorly. We tend to look outside ourselves for information, validation, and proof. But when we do that, we give away our energetic freedom. We need to remember our opinions and thoughts are based on our own life experiences. And in the end we are choosing what is best for our life and not others.

So how can we start to trust ourselves more? How can we gain that energetic freedom? First by realizing there is no absolute right and wrong. What is best for one person might not be best for another. Just because one person is great at playing sports in High School and loves it does not mean it is right for everyone. That is why there are choices and options such as band, academic clubs, drama, etc. One person might believe their way is the best because that is what they have experienced but that view is based on their life not yours. We can always accept advice or opinions from others but know that it is coming from their own experience. Think about how you may have even done this to someone else? Have you ever told someone how great something is or that they should choose a certain thing because it turned out so good for you? Recommending a product or service, choosing a job, or even choosing relationships. Many of us have done this but we normally allow the person to ultimately choose what is best for them. The problem comes when people do not allow someone to choose for themselves. They might use shame or guilt to manipulate your energy to conform with what they want they choice to be. That is taking away someone’s energetic freedom.

If you have gotten to a point that things no longer to seem to fit or feel right. When the same old things do not work then this is a sign you are searching for energetic freedom. You want to be able to trust your own beliefs and ideas. You want to learn to trust your gut and know it is ok to make choices for yourself. You do not ant to worry about what others will think or feel about your choices. That is true energetic freedom and that is when you find the right path for you. Things will start to flow so much easier because you are making choices for you. Things start to make more sense and feel so much better.

Are you craving true energetic freedom? If so start challenging yourself every day to make choices for you. Based on what your gut says and feels. Every time you do this you will see the positive results of those choices that are aligned with you. You will start to trust yourself more. You will feel confident in your own beliefs. This is when you can choose for yourself without the heaviness or influence of other People's opinions or feelings. Remember this is your beautiful life. It belongs to you and no one else. Ultimately you are responsible for your own choices. Are you ready to take control and experience true energetic Freedom?

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