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Yes, you are Intuitive!

If you have ever asked yourself if you are intuitive then the answer is YES! We ALL are intuitive! Most people think that intuition is something for other people, or psychics on tv or “spiritual” people. There is a misconception that you have to be something else first in order to be intuitive. But the big secret is that everyone is intuitive. We all have the ability to sense and feel things, to follow signs and what our gut tells us. Most people receive and follow intuitive guidance every day and don’t even realize it.

Think back and I’m sure you have many examples in your life of using your intuition. You might think of someone right before they call or text you. Your normal response is “that was weird” but actually that was your intuition. You might know someone is having a bad day or is sick and you reach out to them to find out your right. You are driving and something tells you to go a different way. You do and find out later the other way had an accident or roadblock that you avoided. You might sense, feel or see something or someone in your home, but you dismiss or rationalize it. If you think back, I’m sure you can find many instances like this in your life.

Intuition is defined as the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. A gut feeling or a sense of knowing is what most of us experience. It is a pretty simple concept that so many people dismiss or don’t acknowledge is happening. That is because our logical mind tries to rationalize things or make things fit our current beliefs. But once you open up to seeing and feeling things differently you can develop a whole new world of insight!

I have always been intuitive ever since I can remember. Like most people I learned to shut it down, ignore it so I could feel normal and not be questioned. Unfortunately, that also leads to not trusting yourself and second-guessing things or holding other people’s opinions higher than your own. But as I developed and learned to trust my intuition it helped to lead me on a path that has been easier, successful and more satisfying! If I hadn’t followed my intuition to sign up for a Reiki class even though rationally, I could not give a good reason to, I would never have been led on this path to do this work. Lucky for me I ignored my rational brain on that decision!

I have had people come to my classes thinking they could never read people or give a message and it is so fun to see how surprised they are when they can do it! If you are open and learn to trust yourself and listen to the signs, you can experience so much more. We sense so much more energetically than we give ourselves credit for. Have you ever just known you didn’t want to be near or around someone and then found out their energy just didn’t match yours? Did you ever have a sense about taking a job, buying a house or dating someone and found out you were spot on with what you felt? That is your intuition! We all have it, we just need to understand and trust it. We need to understand that intuition is not always a big loud booming voice. It is usually starts as a soft whisper or a nudge or feeling.

Once you start to trust your intuition you can develop it and open up even more. You start to feel more confident with the signs and messages that are coming through for you. You start to learn how to play “charades” with your guides and start an easy system to receive messages. You start to channel messages, and it flows so easy that you no longer second guess what you are sensing and saying. It can be an amazing experience when you develop and trust your intuition. Like I said you open up to a whole new world to experience!

Start by developing what “sense” is already your strength. We have different Clairsenses which are spiritual or psychic sense. Most people find that they have one Claire that is already strong and what they use to sense things. Below are some of the most common Clairsenses. See which one resonates with you.

Clairvoyance – clear seeing, this is seeing a vision in your minds eye. If you’re a highly visual person this may be the easiest way for you to receive messages.

Clairaudience – clear hearing, this is hearing words, sound or music in your mind. You can also hear audible words in the physical words like someone is talking to you. This can be one of the most direct ways to receive messages.

Claircognizance – clear knowing, this is a sense of just knowing something about someone or something. It can feel like you already know all about a person and information comes through as if your remembering. This can be the most confusing clairsenses. We tend to doubt ourselves since it is a sense of knowing and there is no proof or anything to back it up that our logical mind accepts.

Clairsentience – clear physical feelings, you sense and know things by the way your body feels. This could be a gut feeling about something or that something just feels off. You may also feel physical pain from people around you. Someone may have a back pain and you are around them and suddenly start to feel a back pain. You can feel what they are feeling.

Clairempathy – clear emotional feeling, you sense people’s emotions, thoughts and physical symptoms. You may not physically feel the pain or emotion in your body, but you can sense it. If you are an empath this is your go to for sensing things in people or places. You can sense when people are upset or happy or sad without them saying anything. This can be a very overwhelming clairsense and it is important to learn what is coming from you and what is coming from other people or places. And equally important to setup good boundaries.

Did one of these Clairsense resonate with you? Chances are that is your strongest sense and what you feel the most. It is also important to note that one clairsense is not better than the next. It is just what comes easiest to you and works best for you to connect with. As you open up your energy more you start to develop your other clairsenses and open up new ways of sensing things. One mistake people make is watching psychics on tv and assume you have to get messages the way they do or it is not real. But the fact is everyone gets messages all different ways. It is important for you to trust the way you sense things and learn to develop it.

So, start trusting yourself more and start to play around with what you sense. You will be surprised at how much you already pickup and experience! The more you trust yourself and what you are getting the easier it will be to help in decisions and guide you through life. So be open to developing your intuition, take classes and work with other people. See what you are drawn to and open up to a whole new world of communication!

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