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Unfiltered Vision

Do you ever stop to think how you view the world around you? What has led you to see things the way you do? What past energies, experiences, beliefs, influences have created the filter that you view and experience the world? So many of us just push through with our filter of how we see the world. But then we wonder why others don’t agree with us or see things our way. We have strong convictions on topics such as religions, politics, morals and so much more. So how did you come up with your view of the world? What have you gone through in your life that has brought you to see things as you do? And why don’t some people see things the same way as you?

This is something few people slow down to really look at and understand. We all have completely different experiences than anyone else. Our stories are unique and written just for us. No one will ever experience things EXACTLY like we have experienced. Based on experiences, cultures, beliefs, rewards, consequences, love, pain and many others we create our reality of how we see the world. We filter our vision with what has taken place in our lives. With every experience with every challenge with every victory, we update and change our filtered vision on the world.

This is why so many of us are so strong in our convictions. Why we don’t understand how others could possibly NOT agree with us? How others can’t see and feel what we do. Why don’t they agree with me? Why don’t they understand me? Why don’t they love me? Well the truth is because no one has the same unique experience as you do. And you do not have the same unique experience as others. We will never 100% completely agree with people on the same reality. We may find people that have experience close to what we have in our lives and we tend to share a general filtered vision. It could be 50% or 75% the same. We might also have people that we only agree with on 2% of things. But we will never find someone that is 100% the same as us.

So how can we agree to disagree on the way we all see the world? Can we fully appreciate that everyone has a unique filter of the world? And does that scare us if others cannot share the same view? Does fear, anger or pain set in if someone does not agree with you? Do you try and convince people that your view is right? And why is that even necessary? A lot of times we feel we need to convince people of our opinion. That normally comes from a place of re-enforcing our filter or belief system. It makes us feel safe to know we have the “right” point of view. Because of this people can go to great lengths to convince people of their own beliefs or fight for what they see as right.

But if we all have a unique filter or view of the world then how is it ever possible to know what is right? What is right for me might be completely wrong for you. Does it make one person good and one bad? One more caring and one cruel? One filled with Love and one filled with hate? That is a very black and white all or nothing view of the world. It is divisive and creates a place of fear, insecurity and lacks love and compassion.

We want people to see things with our filter, to validate us to make us feel ok. But could it be enough to believe in our own opinion without having everyone agree? Is it possible to realize everyone has a different filter, viewpoint and opinion? Can we see value in our differences? Can we see the beauty in the variety of filters in the world? Can we see this allows for more of a mix or balance, so one extreme doesn’t consume the other? Can you allow for other viewpoints in your belief system? Can you give the respect and compassion to others that you ask for your own beliefs?

When we start to embrace the beauty of the differences in our filters, we can see there is so much more that the world can offer. So many more ideas and thoughts that our own experiences cannot create. There are so many other life stories to hear. So many people to meet and bring into your life. But we can’t do this if we don’t allow for other filters, if we judge or label people with our own filters.

Can you be open to a lively or healthy discussion? And do this without the end goal of winning or convincing? Can you hear a person’s story through their filter? Can you give the love and compassion to others that you want given to yourself? We all say yes but when we are truly challenged and get triggered by people can you still apply that principle in difficult situations? Open your thoughts, your heart and your filter to allow other information into your life. It might challenge your belief system but that is good!

We always need to evolve and change and the only way we can is by allowing other thoughts, opinions and experiences into our life. Then we can decide if we want or need to adjust our filters. Be the unique person you are and respect and honor other people’s filters. See how you can challenge yourself to create more love and compassion with the people you interact with. Create an environment of love and respect and see how people respond and mirror it back to you. You might just create a new filter for yourself!

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