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Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is something many people want in their life. It is the idea of being loved no matter what you do or provide. It is being excepted and loved for who you are just as you are. Most people think of pets when we hear the term unconditional love. Our pets greet us and love us without expecting much in return. It is an easy kind of love that is openly shared without expectations or restrictions. Many of us idealize about having unconditional love but what steps are we taking to bring that into our life? Are you setting clear boundaries of how to be treated, are you open to receiving and do you think you deserve it?

Unfortunately, you may recognize relationships in your life that are based on conditional love. These relationships can be romantic, friendships, family or co-workers. We give and receive love in all relationships. But are some of those relationships based an agreement that certain conditions need to be met before you receive love? You will receive my love and attention if you provide “fill in the blank”. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are in relationships that demand such conditions. But look at your life and see what relationships give and receive love freely without expectations or conditions and which ones demand more such as your time, attention and energy.

Love is a gift that we give to people. It is our time, support, attention, help…etc. Some relationships in our life might demand these things before we receive love back. And most of the time it is an unbalanced exchange of giving more than receiving. Then other relationships that are unconditional let love exchange back and forth freely. Without thought of what is to be gained. It feels easier and flows nicer and you feel energized. In a conditional love relationship, you may come away feeling drained, tired and never fully satisfied.

How do we get more balance in our lives and have more unconditional love? First do you give yourself unconditional love? Do you freely give yourself compliments, treat yourself nice or do you only do this if you achieve something or meet an expectation? Do you only give yourself love if you think you deserve it? If so, you are only giving yourself conditional love. Based on achieving things, looking a certain way, earning it. And if you are only giving yourself conditional love then that is what you are looking for and expecting from others. I will receive love if I do something for them, earn an achievement, improve my physical appearance and on and on. Those are your boundaries or lack of them you are putting out to the world. I can only receive your love if I earn it. So that is the energy and relationships that are being drawn to you.

If you truly want to receive more unconditional love, then you must start giving it to yourself. Train yourself that it is OK to freely give yourself compliments for random things. Treat yourself to something nice. Allow yourself to have fun and do something new. Do all these things without having to “earn” it. The more you do this the more you will attract people in your life that can give love freely. You will have an equal give and take without trying so hard or giving so much yet feeling so empty.

Love is a beautiful gift that can be expressed in so many ways. It is a gift of your energy that you can freely give to someone or yourself. It is a gift that you can receive from others. If someone offers to buy you a coffee or pay for lunch receive it! This is a gift, an act of love. Recognize when it is being given freely without condition and receive it. Experience the difference of how that feels. Not earning love but freely and continually exchanging it. Challenge yourself to experience more unconditional love. Give unconditional love to yourself and watch how you start attracting more of it into your life. You will be surprised how your life can open up to so much more wonderful unconditional loving energy!

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