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The Abundance of Receiving!

There are so many people starting to move into a new phase of receiving! Are you noticing a shift in your life? If so you may be ready to start receiving! You have worked and worked so hard to heal and let go of so many old thought patterns and beliefs. You have challenged yourself to push past the old ways and know there is something better. You have allowed yourself to dream and started asking for more abundance in your life. So now is the time to start receiving all that you have asked for! It can be hard to make that shift from struggling and healing into a phase of thriving and receiving. Receiving can be a hard concept to incorporate into your life. You may have found in the past your role was always the giver, rarely allowing yourself to receive. Because of this it may feel wrong or even selfish to receive for yourself. So how can you start to change your role and become the receiver?

First look at your belief system and what does it think of receiving? Does it feel selfish or unnecessary? Does it feel wrong or uncomfortable? Does it make you feel weak or vulnerable? If these resonate with you it is likely you are not an active receiver. You probably feel more comfortable as the giver. Always taking care of others, making sure their needs are met. Feeling good by giving to others and seeing them happy. Or making sure others are content and do not get angry. You have probably spent most of your life surrounded by people that expect you to give to them. So to change that role now with the current people around you can be very challenging.

You see most of your family, friends and relationships are based on the role of you as the giver and them as the receiver. They love your generosity they love what you can do for them. There can be varying degrees of this from kindly helping people to being in abusive or narcissistic relationships. Even a truly kind relationship can still have you in the dominant role of the giver and the other person as the receiver. Because of this when you try to change or alter that role and become a receiver chances are the people around you do not know how to respond. You may have never asked for anything before. You never needed them to do anything for you. So that is why when you finally break down and ask for help and they don’t respond it can feel crushing and rejecting. You have been giving and giving for so long and you finally ask for one thing and they cannot provide it. This can cause you to go into a feeling of being unlovable and re-enforce the belief that you do not deserve.

But you DO Deserve! You just have not established the right boundaries and guidelines that tells people I am ready to receive. When you change that agreement with friends, family, relationships to say I need to receive they have a choice to make. You are altering the original agreement that says you are the giver and they are the receiver. You are now saying to be in a relationship with me they must now give equally. And unfortunately, some people will not be able to agree to those new terms. Because remember YOU are the one changing and altering the agreement. They may not be in a place that they can give or that they want to give. But some people may be able to adjust to the new agreement and alter how they respond to you and how they view the relationship.

Yes, some people will leave your life but that is a part of the change. It is OK and we cannot expect people to change just because we are changing. But when people leave your life you are also making room for new people to come in. These people will match your new energy. They will agree to your new boundaries. You will feel the new energy of giving and receiving equally. And when that happens can you receive from them? Can you accept the new gifts and abundance coming into your life?

So how can you receive when these changes start to happen? Can you feel comfortable with making yourself a priority and believe good things can happen to you? Watch your thoughts and see if that pesky voice tells you that you do not deserve something or need to earn it. Or does it say do not make that person mad or I want to make sure everyone else is happy? Challenge those thoughts and question why you do not deserve all that is coming to you? Ask yourself why your needs are not just as important as everyone else? Because you are not that special that you do not deserve just as much as everyone else!

Love yourself enough to make the changes to allow yourself to receive. Know that you do deserve good things in your life like success, balanced relationships and healthy living. You do deserve love from yourself and others. Because if you start believing this you will allow yourself to receive. You will allow all the good things you desire to start coming into your life. You will no longer deplete yourself of love and energy. You will no longer give away your energy to people that do not respect you and your boundaries. You will recognize love in many forms and receive it fully into your life! So start receiving all that you have denied yourself in the past. Find a healthy balance of giving and receiving and start enjoying your life to it’s absolute fullest!

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