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Self-Improvement Burnout

I’ve been noticing a trend in people when they embark on self-improvement journey. This journey can be anything from spiritual enlightenment to working out or to be more kind and loving. Whatever the journey is there comes a point of when you can find yourself trying too hard or creating a finish line that is always moving. So many people get a taste of self-improvement and love it! But after a while they may see it as a constant goal that forces them to always feel the need to do or be more. This can cause a self-improvement burnout. This is a point where you are trying so hard, putting unrealistic expectations on yourself and feeling worse than when you started. Are you ever really complete or done? Or do you feel you need to keep finding ways to improve or be better? What is the finish line for you? When will it actually be enough to feel you achieved or are worthy and whole? If your journey has turned into an endless set of goals that are never celebrated, you are not allowing yourself to celebrate you and enjoy what you accomplished.

So how can you maintain a healthy balance when setting and working on self-improvement goals? First have some clear milestones or goals. Be sure that when you reach these points that you take time to reflect and enjoy what you achieved. Be sure you’re recognizing even the small things as achievements. Do you take the time to really enjoy what you accomplished and how hard it really was? The point is we need to take the time and recognize our achievements and progress. Then sit in that energy before moving on to another goal. You need to adjust to the new you and what you completed. Recognize the hard work and celebrate. Because if you don’t take the time to do this you are just running a series of endless goals and always feeling less then and not good enough.

Know that you are the only person that can set, evaluate, achieve and recognize your goals. You are doing the self-improvement for you not the approval of anyone else. You determine when it’s achieved. But if you never give yourself the time to celebrate what you already have accomplished you will always feel less than. Think why you might be doing this? Can you receive the accomplishment? Can you give yourself credit for the win? If the answer is no then you are in a perpetual loop of enforcing your belief that you are not good enough. Or not worthy of praise or love. It can also be a form of self-sabotage. You end up re-enforcing old beliefs of unworthiness and setting impossible goals that are never fully realized or celebrated. You just add on another goal to show how much more work you must do before you are good enough.

It is amazing in my sessions when clients can change their perspective and really celebrate all they have accomplished and achieved. When they allow themselves to see the wins and the hard work that has created the change in their life. When they can feel the love for themselves and be proud of who they have become. It just takes a moment to stop and look at yourself, a pause to really see what’s going on in order to create that perspective change.

So instead of creating yet another goal for yourself, take time to celebrate what you have already accomplished! See yourself in a new light with love and respect. Understand you deserve all that you have achieved and more! Sit in the energy of where you are and let it all sink in and let yourself adjust before adding one more goal. Can you do that for yourself? It is simply allowing yourself to love you. Give yourself this gift, this timeout to be present and see the new person all your hard work has created. Enjoy your accomplishments and adjust to the new energy before setting one more goal.

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