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Manifesting Dreams

If you are like me, you have probably have plenty of time to dream lately. Thinking about possibilities and what could be or what could change. These could be many of the same dreams you have had for years or you could be creating new dreams. They are normally things you consider far off ideas or possibilities. They may seem just out of reach or something not quite yet attainable. But how do these dreams go from being out of reach to something within your reality? How can you start manifesting your dreams?

First dreaming is good! It gets you to expand your ideas and your energy. You start connecting with new ideas and realities. Think of it as creating new pictures in your energy field. It could be a new home, new relationship, new job, car you name it. Whatever it is when we dream, we create an image in our energy field. It might be far off at first, but it is still something we are bringing into our energy. We might think oh that is just wishful thinking, it will never happen, but wouldn’t that be nice? It is in our energy but not quite accepted by our reality or belief system.

So how can you bring these dreams into your reality? Think of your belief system, does it allow this dream to enter your reality? Say you want a new car. You might think oh I would love to have this type of car, but it is too expensive or not practical. Right there your belief system is saying you cannot have it because it is too expensive or not a practical car. Now challenge that belief system. Why do you have to have a practical car? What qualities make it practical? Why don’t you deserve a “fun” car? You assume it is too expensive but what if you found a good deal? Or suddenly got a raise? If your belief system has the rules that you cannot have it because of x, y, z, then the universe must play by those rules.

How can you start to change your belief system? Easy, just by questioning it! Do you still have the same beliefs? Do you still hold the same values? Have you had experiences or done healing that allows you to change your beliefs to allow new opportunities in? So many times, we have a hard time bringing in new dreams because our belief system is so powerful that it simply will not bend. It will not allow us to look at options because it does not resonate with us. That is why it is so important to question those beliefs. Even if it does not resonate with you to change it right away start to question it. Why do I believe this? Should I still believe this?

Many people are going through this breakthrough right now. We are questioning old patterns, starting to decide what we want to carry forward with us and what we want to leave behind. We may have finally decided we have had enough of a situation and desperately want a change. This is the point when we start taking action to manifest our dreams. We have started to question and break down the old belief system. That allows us to change the rules of our reality. What once was impossible is now in our field of potential.

Once your belief system has been changed to bring in your new reality you can start to take action. You may even be feeling that now, that urge to change things in your life. You are ready to start manifesting and receiving new things. These can be small things or major changes depending on what you are ready to receive. So, if you want that new car and now you believe you can have it what action would you take? You would probably start looking at new cars, doing research, getting your finances in order. All these actions help you to bring the new car into your reality. It also helps you to be open to receive it.

The last step in manifesting your dream sometimes is the hardest, receiving it. You may have done all the work changed your belief system, taken action, put your intention out of what you want. But when it comes time can you receive your dream can you? What if a friend knew someone that needed to sell their car and told you about it? What if it was the exact car you wanted at the price you wanted and it all magically landed right in front of you. Can you receive it? Or would you say oh that’s nice, but I want to buy one from a dealer? Or I do not trust a private sale? Or I’m not ready to buy yet? Those are all ways to reject what has manifested right in front of you. If we are not open to receiving, we can never fully manifest our dreams.

Sometimes it can be so scary to receive what we want that we can self-sabotage to reject our dreams. Think about where you may have done this in the past or may be doing it right now? Are you able to truly receive your dream? Are you ready to make changes so big that you can no longer be in that old energy? Whether your dream is big or small we must be ready to receive to bring it into our reality.

If your dream comes true how does it alter your current reality? What might you have to change or adjust to allow the dream to come true? Sometimes we are so comfortable in the old energy that we choose to remain unhappy because that is what we know. The unknown can be so scary even if it is a good thing and something we have wanted for a long time. Can you truly push through the fears of change to receive in the dream you want to manifest?

So the next time you talk about a dream watch what you say. Do you end it with - but that will never happen? Or that only happens for other people? Or I have such bad luck? If so, you have already denied your dream from coming into your reality. Be conscious of your thoughts and the beliefs you are following. Decide if they still work or if they need to be changed to allow you to manifest your dream. Don’t be afraid to dream big and create the new reality you have always wanted!

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