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Living in Joy

Joy is a word that has been coming up more and more. People are talking about how to live in Joy or receive more Joy. We all have a general sense or idea of what Joy is but many of us have yet to truly experience it on a daily basis. We may have fleeting moments of Joy, but do you feel you incorporate it easily or naturally into your life?

Now I am partial to word Joy since it is my middle name. I used to joke with my parents that they love me so much because I am such a Joy! I mean why else would they give me that name? ha! But what is Joy and how do each of us relate to it? Joy is defined as the emotion evoked by well-being success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires. It is a state of happiness or a source of delight. It can be used as a verb to describe experiencing great pleasure of delight. To sum it up you’re normally in a pretty good place if you are in a state of Joy.

For many of us Joy has been a far-off dream that someday we can experience. The idea of having success or being happy can be a goal for many people. But what happens when you receive what you want? Are ready to live in Joy? It can be a hard switch to make going from a place of always striving and working or being ready for the bottom to drop out. But what if things have really changed for you? What if this is your time to start living fully in Joy?

Take a hard look at your life. What things have been changing for you? Have you cemented in good things in your life? Career, finances, love, comfort, happiness? Have you noticed that things are shifting and healing for the better? You worked hard for many years to heal and make changes in your life. But now is the time to really start living in Joy. Accept the good things around you. The success and happiness. Allow yourself to be comfortable with feeling happy and not worrying about the bottom dropping out. Expect good things to happen and continue to happen for you.

This is a year that we are receiving all the things that we have worked so hard for. But are you able to receive these things and truly enjoy them without fear that something may still go wrong or happen to you? You are no longer in the old energy. You have done the work to receive all the good things you have asked for. Do not self-sabotage with old fears or beliefs. You have outgrown the old ways of thinking and being. It is time to be in the new energy and feel and experience Joy on a daily basis.

Take time in your day to really look at your life. See what things you are receiving into your life. We create our reality every day, hour, minute and second. It is always our choice to decide how we want to react to situations, people or environments. We create our reality and have the choice how to experience all that is flowing in and around us. How do you choose to live your life? Can you make the shift to start incorporating a more Joyous perspective to things? Things have been hard in the past, and you have done a lot of work. The next step is allowing and receiving things into your life and trusting they are here to stay. You cannot go backwards, and nothing will be taken away from you. The healing you have done is growth and trust that is here to stay.

Challenge your mindset when old fears pop up. Ask yourself if this is what is really happening or are you projecting old fears onto a current situation? If so, recognize the fear but don’t hang on to it. Live in the current moment and enjoy what is coming to you. Choose to live in Joy and experience life to it’s fullest. You have earned it! Start embracing more Joy in your life and see how it grows and grows. Experience the life you truly want and don’t hold it as a far-off dream. It is hear now, experience the Joy that is happening now!

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