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Exploring the Woo Woo

Reiki, energy work, intuition and more fall into what some call the Woo Woo world. A little out of people’s comfort zone and might seem hippie or new age. There are all kinds of labels that can be attached and some hold tight to them. While others like me do not like strict labels or categories. Some feel that when starting to explore your intuition or energy you need to dive in or be fully committed. Agree with it all or nothing. Or find teachers, authors, or speakers to tell you what is right in the new area you are exploring. People tend to want to be told what is right and wrong. Or have an outside person validate their experience. But who determines what is right or wrong for you? Do you need to commit fully to one belief or thought process? How do you find the right path to explore new experiences and information for you?

It is always exciting to discover something new. To open your mind to new information and have something new to explore. We tend to resonate with a podcast, video, conference, book or conversation we experienced. Then we want more! You might go down a rabbit hole in learning one thing that leads to another and another. Accumulating more information and experiences and seeking more. It can be fun to explore and go in a new direction. But like anything new be sure to use your own discernment. What feels right to you? What are your boundaries of what you are comfortable with and are others respecting that for you? Did you find benefit in something and then continue to add more? Do you do research and question things along the way?

When I have new clients come in that say, I’m sorry but I am skeptical of this, I say you should be! Probably not the answer they expected. But you need to have healthy skepticism of anything. If not, you open yourself up to being taken advantage of or easily manipulated. Especially in an area you are not familiar with and looking for someone to tell you what the answers are supposed to be. I see too many people desperate for answers or waiting to be told what to do. They may seek out psychics, coaches, therapist, clergy, or new age or health & wellness teachers. They may look to try alternative medicines or holistic practices. They may experience energy work, shamanism, hypnosis, and wellness retreats. All seeking answers, relief, change, insights, and healing. This growth is exciting, and it opens you up to things that may benefit you. But just like anything use your discernment. Ask questions, be skeptical and build your own beliefs based on your experiences of what resonates or works and what doesn’t.

The woo woo world is becoming the latest trend or alternatives to ultimately seek a healthy physical and spiritual life. We are learning to explore our energy differently and are experiencing sensing and feeling in new ways. But because of that it can also be the next market for people or organizations to profit from. Just like with anything there are good and bad intentions. People with good intentions that truly want to help. And people that will take advantage and manipulate those open to it. You can look at any spiritual belief system, ideology, social activism group, organization, workforce, government, school, or community and all unfortunately have people with good and bad intentions woven into them. So just like anything you want to join, support, give your energy to and explore be sure you use your discernment and healthy skepticism. Just because something is labeled or sold as good for you is not always the case. Just look at diet soda!

Here are just a few things to question and be aware of as you explore the Woo Woo world.

-are you allowed to ask questions, disagree or have alternative viewpoints to be included or accepted?

-is someone telling you what you should or should not do?

-are you being isolated from family and friends or told not to associate with those that don’t hold the same beliefs?

-are you being pressured into spending money on courses, classes and events that are beyond your financial means?

-are you basing major life choices on what someone is telling you? Did you come to your own conclusion or are you feeling forced into a decision or timeframe?

-are you seeing and feeling improvements in your life from the knowledge and experiences?

-do you feel comfortable developing your own belief system? Allowing in several viewpoints or sources of information from differing areas?

-are you becoming compulsive with a new practice, or do you have a healthy balance and still able to live in the “regular” world? Able to integrate new knowledge into your day-to-day life?

I love the world I have experienced and created for myself. I see so many benefits with practicing Reiki and have been lucky to have such wonderful experiences. But I also have discernment and healthy skepticism. I tend to question everything. Navigating through and around things that do not resonate with me. Take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. Create your own belief system of what resonates with you. And more importantly don’t feel pressured to conform to anyone else’s beliefs to fit in. Have fun and be safe while exploring the woo woo world. Find teachers, experiences and people that are aligned with you and your beliefs. But know that you can always question things, speak your mind and choose what works for you. Be respectful of others while they explore but also expect the same respect back. The more you understand your own energy the more you will draw in what resonates with you. Have healthy boundaries, know what your goals are and what you want to experience. Then go out and enjoy the new information and healthy experiences coming your way!

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