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Energetic Warnings

Can you sense danger? Can you sense when you are not respected? Can you sense when you are not being loved? Most of us think of course I can, but what if our internal warning system has been dimmed down? What if we don’t listen or feel the energetic warnings to tell us something is off or wrong? How do we dial that sensitivity back up? Years ago, I took a self defense class. The biggest thing I remember was “be aware of your surroundings”. The instructor made such a point of just how unaware we all were of our surroundings. Now when I am out and get that unsafe feeling that phrase screams in my head. So, I stop, slow down, look and sense what is around me. What seems off, is someone in a place they shouldn’t be, does something seem weird? It’s sad to think we must be on that high of an alert but unfortunately too many of us are unaware. To the point we don’t recognize danger, or we don’t notice when we are not respected or treated well. We might not even know that we are allowed to have boundaries in our life or say no to request. So how can we re-set our internal warning system? How can we adjust or create boundaries? How do we determine if we are not being treated well?

Unfortunately, many of us have been programmed from little on not to have boundaries or to question things. Why? Because it’s rude and disrespectful to question an authority figure. Or it’s not nice when you are selfish and do what you want. And it can hurt someone’s feelings if you do not put their needs first. For some of you these phrases might be ringing true. We are programmed in life to follow the rules, be a good student, employee, friend and on and on. But who decides what the rules are? And do or should they ever override your own internal energetic warnings? Unfortunately there are bad people in the world. Not everyone see’s the world the way you do. Some people do take advantage of others. So, what happens when these people are in authority roles or set the “rules”? Are they being done in your best interest? Are you able to sense when you are in energetic danger, disrespected or treated poorly? Do you feel you can question the rules?

Not every situation is easy to identify. Especially when we are so ready to follow the rules. Now don’t get me wrong, rules do have their place. Drive at a certain speed, don’t steal, be quiet in a library. These are common-sense rules. So yes, rules do have their place. But what if new rules are created? Or you have a new job with unfamiliar rules? If you get that gut feeling that says hmm this doesn’t feel right, are you able to question it? Can you follow the energetic warnings in your body telling you that this is not right or not respecting you? Instead of ignoring these feelings and letting our brain analyze the compliance, try to let yourself question things. We have this amazing built-in energetic warning system that let’s us know when something is off. We just need to listen to it and stop ignoring it.

Our warning system works for physical danger and emotional danger. What if you’re in a relationship that you are not treated fairly? Could you recognize when your needs are not being met? Or do you feel like it is ok to let the other person have their way even at a cost to you? What if a job or manager constantly tell you that you do not do enough? Or if a person asks you to bend the rules for them? What if you were sick and you had a friend that wanted you to go out with them? They know you are sick but keep asking. In all these examples are you being respected? Are your needs being met? Is your energy being manipulated? If so, your energetic warnings are probably going off. The problem is, have you learned to tune it out and ignore it? Or have you told yourself you don’t deserve to be treated well? Or that is the best you can expect to receive? Our emotional well being is just as important as our physical. Put importance on all your needs. Physical, energetic and emotional needs are all equally important. Start to see where you ignore the energetic warning when one of these needs is not being taking care of.

When we talk about self-care it is so important to learn when we are not taken care of. When things are not for our best interest or needs. Take a closer look at your life and see where you might be hitting snooze on your energetic warning system. Pay more attention to the things that feel off or wrong that you are still accepting in your life. Decide that you do deserve to be treated well and have the right to say no to things. Instead of just following the rules or what someone says is “best” for you. Stop, slow down, look around and notice how it really makes you feel. Don’t let your mind justify why you should just go along with it. Don’t let your emotions be manipulated to feel bad if you say no. Give yourself the gift of time to stop and see what your gut is saying. What is this request triggering within you? The more you practice this the easier it will be to hear your energetic warning system. Love yourself and listen to your needs and watch how different life can be and feel!

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