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Energetic Re-potting

We all experience energetic growth in our life. Where we learn and experience more that helps us change our energy and grow into something new. This growth allows us to expand our energy or raise our frequency. You can likely look back at your life and identify these key times where there were bigger shifts or larger changes. These can often be the most memorable and allow for the bigger changes needed. They can be life events such as graduating, getting married/divorced, expanding your family or losing a loved one. It could be losing a job or starting a new one. Changes in your finances the good times and the tougher ones. All of these experiences allow for change and growth in your life.

The image I keep seeing with clients when they go through these bigger shifts is a plant being re-potted. You’ve seen or done this before…a plant is overgrown, its roots packed in tight to a pot it has outgrown. It has so much potential to grow but it can’t in the limited pot it is in. It struggles to push it’s roots out to expand. It wants to flower or bloom more than before. But if it stays in its current pot it will never be allowed to grow to a fuller potential. It will not have enough water or nutrients to be healthy. Everyday the small pot will get more and more constricting and feel uncomfortable.

When you see this happening what do you do? Get a bigger pot and re-plant it of course. The bigger pot allows it to expand and grow in the additional space. The growth can continue, and it is no longer restricted to keep its potential so limited and small. When you think about it our lives are very similar to this process. We get to a point where our energy wants to grow, we want to grow and blossom to our fullest potential. But are you in a pot that is too small for you? Is it time to re pot yourself in a bigger container?

If your reading this the answer is likely yes! Just like the plant there are signs in our life that we need to make changes. We may feel uncomfortable, frustrated, bored, stagnant. We get these signs to show us we have outgrown certain situations, environments, people and it is time for that bigger pot. Take a look at your life right now and see what you have outgrown? What would you really like to change in your life? And what steps can you take to bring that new and bigger energy container into your life?

What if you know you want to make changes and grow but are afraid of moving to a new energy container? What will it be like, will I survive and grow there? Is there enough opportunity? All of these questions are valid. But sometimes we can allow these rational thoughts to stop us from taking the steps to grow. Maybe we are too comfortable in the old container even though we can no longer grow. If that is the case sometimes life steps in to pull us out of the old container. Your roots might be so entangled in the old container that you fight the change and hold on tight. You know those plants that you have to cut the old container off of because they are in so deep? If that is you don’t be surprised when life brings big and unexpected changes to allow for the de-rooting. Losing a job, ending a relationship, losing a loved one, diagnosed with an illness or even the current global situation.

Although these unexpected changes are scary and uncomfortable, we might be holding on to the old pot that doesn’t allow for our growth. Sometimes are roots can get in so tight that we must be ripped out to allow the movement for growth. But this change can allow for new things to grow and develop. New ideas, new creativity, new beliefs and these can all bring about bigger changes to propel us forward.

So when life takes a turn on you try not to hold on too tight to the old outgrown container. Yes, it is scary and a lot of times hard at first. But trust life is moving you to that bigger container, so you have the option to grow to your fullest potential. Try not to fight the change or fear it. Trust when we are being de-rooted that it is time to move, change and grow.

Take the time to review your life. Decide what is and isn’t working anymore. What do you want to carry forward with you to the new container and what do you want to leave behind? This is the time to decide and be prepared for the new energetic container. This is what is going to allow you to grow more than you thought you could, develop new skills, and blossom into your fullest potential. So, if you feel you are being re-potted into a bigger energy container see it as an opportunity to bring in the change you want. You are raising your energetic vibration, allowing more space to receive more energy and share so much more with the world around you. Re-pot to the bigger energy container and see what potential and positive change you create!

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