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Energetic Division

Choose a team, pick a side, support a cause, display a color, or share a belief. All seem like normal things to do. But over the past few years these normal processes have turned into energetic division. People have been put into categories based on normal beliefs and feelings. These categories have been pitted against each other. And the belief that one is right, and the other is wrong. This sense of right or wrong has morphed into energies such as criticizing, guilt, shame and even hatred. So, what has tipped things from having normal opinions, beliefs or supporting things to a division where someone can be judged or punished?

Think of a high school basketball game. Based on what school your kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids or neighbors go to you likely will pick a team to root for. This might be an important game that could determine if they advance. There is a lot on the line. You support the team, cheer for them and hope they win. The game is down to the wire and close, there is a foul called against the other team and in your team’s favor. But there was no foul, it was obvious to everyone. But it helps the team you support to win. Is that fair to the other team? No but what can be done? You are still glad your team won even if it wasn’t fair in the end.


In the case above you would hate to be the team that lost in such an unfair way. This likely caused division between the teams and fans. You can see how easily people can be divided still believing they are right and want an outcome to benefit them. Now think about larger issues that are in the news. Politics, medical beliefs, social issues are all things that people support various opinions on. People support who they want to win, causes and beliefs they want to see go forward. People can get very passionate about these and put a lot of time and energy into them. They may set up a lifestyle or choose a job or friends that are in alignment with what they believe. They may post information on social media and express their views to others. They put a lot of energy into a belief, cause or “side” they support.


In the past it seemed like people could support their “team” and have discussions. Talk about how each of their teams played, how the game turned out and what might be done differently to be fair to both teams going forward. Today you are called names, painful accusations are put on people. You might even be shunned by family, a business banned, your finances affected, your beliefs or information can be censored. All because you supported your “team”. But what makes one team better than the other? What makes one right and another wrong? Supporting different things and having different opinions is NORMAL. So, when did it get so energetically divisive? When did discussions become lectures? When did we choose to hate for a belief that is different? When did being tolerant become so intolerant?  


How far would you go to have your team win? Is it ok if it is not fair to the other team? Would you ignore unfairness if it supports your team and the outcome you want? Is it more important to win than to promote fair morales that protect any ideas or values? Think of the Golden Rule "One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”. Is it more important to have a fair game, where each team has the same rules, treated the same way? Or is it more important to see your team win even if things are not fair? What is more important, your morality or winning? When winning is more important or we think we are right and someone else is wrong it can create energetic division. Putting people on a side, categorizing or generalizing them.


What would you do to win? It’s a slippery slope because once you support or ignore unfairness you condoned it to be used going forward. That means that energy can come back and work against you. A standard has been set that rules can be broken. Fairness does not matter if it is in your favor. But then you support unfairness. And that same energy is the new precedent set that you can also experience going forward.


Think about the energetic divisions in your life. Does it need to be that extreme? Why does it matter so much? What rules do you support for the game of life? Do you want those rules held the same way for you? Who might be promoting energetic division and for what reason? The next time someone has a different energy from yours and supports a different team how will you respond? With respect, love or kindness? If so, that energy can flow back to you. If you respond with judgement or hatred, don’t be surprised if you set yourself up to receive that going forward. Look for ways to heal energetic division in your life. Start changing your energy and see how much calmer, peaceful, fair and loving your life can be.

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