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Energetic Decluttering

Do you ever get that sudden urge to clean, redecorate or change something in your home? Or the need for a new wardrobe or haircut? A sudden urge to cleanse and get a fresh start? If so this is a sign that you are changing your energy. You are on the brink of a bigger change or shift in your life. Your energy may be changing so much that you need to shift things in your life to match the new you.

This process is about releasing the old energy that no longer serves. We need to release this old energy in order to give the new energy space to come in. Think about cleaning out your closet. When you get rid of old clothes you no longer wear, it leaves room to buy new things. How can you make space for the new clothes if you haven’t gotten rid of the old ones? This holds true for our lives as well. We can only create space to receive new things if we release what no longer serves us.

Think about your life right now. What are some things you no longer need to hold on to? Start by getting rid of physical items in your life. Old clothes, furniture, books, kitchenware, decorations. Anything that no longer holds value to you. By doing this you release any old energy that has attached to these items. This is old emotions or thoughts you held about yourself that you have outgrown. You may be surprised how many physical things are tied to strong personal emotions. These emotions can get triggered when debating to let go of something. If you feel a strong memory come up, take the time to really look at it. Is it a memory of a past trauma or hurt? Or a memory of a special time in your life that you want to hold on to? What have you held on to that you are now ready to heal and release?

Once you have let go of any physical items start to review yourself. What changes would you like to make? A new hair cut or color, weight loss or gain, new makeup and clothes, or emotional well being? Focus on what no longer serves you and what you want to release. It can even be old emotional wounds or physical aches and pains. Do you want to hold on to these things in your life and if so, what purpose do they serve? Part of healing is understanding how we would feel if we no longer had old emotional wounds or physical issues. Is there a reason you need to hold on to these things any longer? Are they familiar, do they bring you attention or energy from others, would you know who you are without them? Start to review yourself and ask the hard questions. Then decide if you are ready to let them go.

Feeling a strong urge to change things is sign that you are ready for a bigger shift in your life. Don’t ignore this feeling, instead embrace the process and dive in. Release the old energy so you can make room for the new energy to come in. Take the time to do an energetic decluttering in your life because you don’t want to be an energetic hoarder. This is holding on to all the old things or emotions that you no longer need. We have all seen the tv shows where people live in houses that are filled to the ceiling with every imaginable thing. Now what if you are doing that energetically?! How can there be any space available to allow new fresh things to come into your life?

Do an energetic declutter on your life and you will be surprised at how much lighter and happier you can feel. Let go of the heaviness of things that no longer serve you. Once you do, you will have plenty of open space to receive new energy. Then choose what wonderful new things you want to bring into your life!

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1 Comment

Mar 23, 2021

I had to look this up. I was having such a strong urge to throw everything out like something is telling me that unless I do this, what I want will not come.

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