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Energetic Choices

The idea of having a choice or having choices available has been popping up in so many ways for so many of you. When we are stuck in old energy for far too long, it can feel as if we have no choices available. All we can see is more of the same or no way of changing things. But once we start to open to change and question our old belief system, new choices can appear. It can feel startling that suddenly you can see that you have a choice. Life doesn’t feel like something happening to you, it feels like something you can create. And that is the way it should feel when we can see choices in our life. New paths open to solutions we could never see before. A sense of control and freedom can come over us. Understanding that yes, we are actively choosing all the time and are in a state of creation. We are not stuck on an endless path of the same things over and over. There is an escape route when we can see all the choices in our life. But how can we start opening to these new choices? How can we get ourselves out of the worn path we have been experiencing? How can we choose a better life?

Choices are empowering and choices cause accountability. The one part we love, to be empowered and feel that we can create or make things happen. The second, accountability can be tricky. Most people don’t like to be held responsible for their choices. Or feel people will point out their mistakes. If we make a choice or decision in our life, then we are responsible for the outcome. Yes, this is true, but unfortunately too many people have been taught that taking accountability or responsibility is just too big of a burden. So, it may be easier to let others tell us what to do, let others choose for us or even force others to decide so they are held responsible not us. But when we come from a place of fear with those choices, we limit ourselves. We also give our power over to others to decide what is best for us. Think about how you view making a choice, does it feel scary or bad? Or does it feel empowering?

Here is a simple example of giving away your choice. You go out to dinner with a friend. They ask where you want to go to eat? You say oh I don’t care you decide. You just gave away your choice and your power to your friend. Maybe you didn’t want to be responsible for something they didn’t like. Maybe you didn’t want the burden of a bad choice held over you. Whatever the reason it was because you didn’t want the accountability for the choice. It may have felt there was more to lose by choosing than there was to gain. Now if we flip the example around let’s see what choices appear. You may choose a new place that neither of you have ever gone to. Creating a brand-new opportunity to find a new place, or try new food or meet new people. You have the power to create new experiences just by making a choice. This seems simple but we can use this on all parts of our life. If we are too afraid of the consequences of making a choice, we keep on the same worn-out path. We keep experiencing the same old things. By not choosing you give your power away to create something new.

Healing old beliefs can also bring in new choices to your life. What if you always believed that you were not smart enough or that others always knew better than you? You most likely lived your life giving away your choices to others. This could start with parents and go to friends, co-workers, romantic partners and even to society. Always feeling that someone else knows better than you. Even when it comes to decisions about YOUR life. By giving away your power or ability to choose you were only presented with what others thought you could have in your life. You only saw a select number of choices that maybe didn’t resonate with you. Or offer you anything new or for your best self. But if you healed that belief and decided that you know what is best for yourself, you would not give away your choices to others. Then a whole new set of choices could open for you. New paths you never knew existed. Maybe a guidance counselor told you to get into a certain career and you followed it because you thought they knew best. But you never liked the career, you were unhappy. If you finally decided what was best for yourself, you might see other career choices open to you. What if you were told to date a certain type of person by your parents or friends? They seem to know what is best for you right? But what if they were wrong about who you needed in your life? After several failed relationships you might decide to date a different type of person. Suddenly, all these new people come into your life. You have new choices and opportunities on who to date. By taking back your power you can create choices that resonate with your energy.

Think about where and when you decided to give your choices to others. Why did you decide this? Where you afraid of the responsibility with the choice? Was it easier to hand it over to someone else? Or easier to blame someone else if it didn’t work? Instead of being afraid of choices take back your power and embrace them. When you do you can create so many new opportunities in your life. You can see new paths that never existed before. These new choices will match your energy. Try making more choices in your life and see all the beautiful new things that can come in. Don’t be afraid of life choices, embrace them!

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