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Drop Your Illusions

It is time. Time to drop the illusions in your life. You are probably feeling this strongly right now. Where we once could pretend we didn’t see things or were to busy to address issues in our lives. But now it is there, right in front of us. Things are becoming clearer and facades are being wiped away. All of this down time has allowed us to slow down and look at things in our lives. How we live, where we live, who we live with. Do we still like those things, did we ever like those things? Illusions are being dropped like a curtain and we are seeing the hard truths we may have avoided in the past.

You may be hearing terms like 3D and 5D energy lately. This is talking about a transition in the planet and our energy from a heavier dense energy to a lighter clearer one if we choose. This transition has been taking place for many years and we are finally seeing the clear separation of these energies. It might feel like there are two realities happening at the same time. And that’s because there is! The heavier denser energies include all the illusions we were living in. Things that are so covered up that it was hard to see it clearly. Think about all the things being exposed right now. All the truths coming to light. We are pulling out of the denser energies and can now see things clearer. We are transforming into higher energies and that allows and sometimes forces us to drop illusions.

I have had so many clients speak their truth lately. Going to a deeper level and really saying how things are in their lives. Whether that is about relationships, friendships, career, happiness. What illusions have they created in their past that can now be dropped. Do we need the facade of my relationship is great! Or can we see the work that needs to be done to have true happiness. Can we drop the facade of seeming to have the perfect life and always happy and positive? Or can we be present and dive into and respect our entire range of emotions? Can we admit we do not like our careers and maybe never have? Can we speak our truth of what we really want in our lives? Think about what illusions you have been maintaining for so long? Are these breaking down? Is it harder to maintain them? The answer is most likely yes.

Think about buying a house. Maybe you find one that is beautiful and has all the updates, colors and features you have wanted. Do you stop there and say yes I’ll take it? Or do you have the home inspected? Look behind the surface to see what is really happening in the home? Are there leaks hidden by paint, is the foundation bad, is the wiring faulty, were shortcuts taken that would cause problems later? Do you take the time to see everything? Or are you swept up in the illusion and ignore the hard truths? That is exactly what we are being challenged with right now. Any facades and illusions we have created in our lives are falling away. It is taking more energy to keep them going than it is to see the truth..cracks and all!

It can be challenging to finally see things clearly and face things that have been under the illusion blanket for so long. But it is time, time to let go and move forward into a more authentic reality. You may be challenged on old beliefs and thoughts. You can no longer pretend everything is ok when it’s not. You see people more clearly in your life. You see yourself more clearly. Now is the time to challenge yourself to see things that need attention, need the work done. Like having cracks in your house and you hang a picture over it to avoid dealing with it. It is not solving the problem only avoiding it. The illusions we have held onto for so long have allowed us to avoid things we did not want to see or deal with. Mainly because it is hard, it takes energy, and we did not have the time.

But now there is no more hiding those cracks in our lives. What is coming to the forefront in your life? What are you needing to finally deal with? Where do you need to be more authentic and honest? Do not run from these things. It may be uncomfortable, but this is the time to do the healing. Allow yourself to see your truths. Allow yourself to be honest. And then decide what changes need to take place to be in better alignment with your truth.

By facing these issues and doing the healing work you are setting yourself up for a more peaceful beautiful future. Things can flow more easily, you can have more energy back for yourself. You can live a more authentic and happy life. That is the higher energies we are moving into. But in order to do that we need to release and remove anything attached with those heavier energies. The biggest one to let go of is your Illusions. Are you ready to let go? If so, start the work now and feel the difference in how much better your life can be!

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