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Don’t be Better, Remove Damaging Layers

A lot of people have been hit with the constant message of being better. I need to improve a certain part of my life. You may have heard the same messages your whole life re-enforcing what is “wrong” with you. Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not kind enough and on and on. These messages and energies have been layered on your body and soul. Building up over the years and getting stronger to build an unbreakable shell. Only allowing in the messages that re-enforce the old damaging beliefs. And repelling any information, or energy that could contradict it. When people want to heal or transform, they are under the impression that they need to do better or be better. That they must keep improving themselves to show others they are not what the old messages layered on told them. But what if it is not about being better? What if it is about removing the damaging layers?

When I first started learning Reiki, I really didn’t understand how powerful and what it was actually doing. The energy felt good, it gave people a boost. But more importantly it helps to remove or release old layers of energy. These old layers are what we take in from others, what we feel or experience and what we use to create a belief system. So, if you have had hard experiences or a lot of negative attacks layered on you. You tend to believe it and even own it. Why because it is so heavily layered in your energy field. That is why it can be so hard to change your life or release an old belief. Your head understands it, but your body’s energy can’t accept it. That is why we can have a physical reaction to things. If someone says you deserve this and you have issues with receiving. Your body can shutter, feel flushed, or feel your stomach go into knots. That outer shell will not allow good information or feedback to be received and accepted.


Think about a belief that has been reinforced most of your life. Have you tried to challenge it? Have you tried to heal it? For example, what if you felt you were never good enough? You may have worked harder. Achieved a lot of accomplishments. Tried to people please. But it never mattered how much praise or good energy was coming towards you. Your body wouldn’t accept it. That hard shell of insecurities and self-doubt made it impossible to receive. Instead, you would look for the one person that gave you criticism, that said it wasn’t enough, or challenged you to do better. And then on and on the cycle goes. Until one day you just don’t have the physical energy to keep trying. You get emotionally exhausted. You throw up the white flag and say enough. And this is when the true un-layering of that hard energetic shell can start.


When you have exhausted and tried all the ways you could think of to prove that negative energy wrong, it is time to try something else. Instead of being better, remove the negative layers. Why do I feel this way about myself? Where did that belief come from? Do I still want to believe it? Can I challenge that old thought process and try a new way? You start to chip away at the negative shell to reveal your true self. Your beautiful soul that there was nothing wrong with to begin with. You can start loving yourself and receive positive energy from others. You start to believe you deserve good things and your physical body allows you to receive.


Know that being better or achieving more will never heal or break away those old layers of self-doubt. It just reinforces it. Start challenging the old beliefs. Where did they start? Why did I believe them? How did I keep re-enforcing them? If you are unhappy with how this has limited you and stopped you from receiving, then it’s time to remove the old layers. We come into this world shiny and new. Like a new car fresh off the lot. But then we drive the car in mud, let other people drive it for us, and go places that we don’t want to go. So, it’s time to start cleaning off the layers of mud and grime and take back control of your life. Decide how you want to live, what you want to believe and determine what you are ready to receive. Once you do, you can free yourself from the old layers and start living your life to the fullest.

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