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One thing I tell clients to ask for when they are confused about something is clarity. Clarity brings information to us in a way that we can have a better understanding of things. It is that perspective or piece of information that changes how we see something. It can bring in a whole different level of understanding. It can give us the perspective we need to make a decision in our lives. Suddenly things can feel clear. We understand something differently than we ever have before. Clarity usually comes in when our energy is shifting, and we are healing old wounds. When we are ready to heal and see things from another perspective or receive information we couldn’t in the past. Clarity can come for decisions with relationships, career, finances, family and much more. If you are feeling stuck in a decision, ask for more clarity to come to you. Ask for the information you are missing. And most importantly be open to receive that information. What have you been blocked with and what are you ready to receive clarity on? How do you know when you are ready to receive the clarity you need in your life?

For many people finding clarity can be like the magical solution to a puzzle you have been trying to solve. You may have tried to work the problem over and over and over but never coming up with what was needed. Until one day you suddenly have that missing piece. It is exactly what you needed to see the solution you have been looking for. But why did it take so long to get? Or why did it seem so hard? Mainly because you were still trying to figure out the solution with old data, old information, and old ways of thinking. Think of when you get a self-assemble piece of furniture. You read the instructions and start assembling it. You feel confident in what you are doing. But all of sudden it is almost all together and you have extra pieces. Where do these belong? What did I miss? You go back and read the instructions again and again. Going over your steps and still no solution. But then someone else comes along and reads the instructions and points out the problem. The see the key step that you mis-read or mis-interpreted. While you were caught in a loop of reading the same info over in the same order and the same interpretation, the other person had fresh eyes and could bring clarity.

We can do this in so many areas of our life. We think we have all the info, know all the steps, did all the things and we still are not seeing the results we want. But what clarity are we missing? What are we not seeing or realizing? What is that one thing that can change how you look at the issue? Many people can do this in relationships. Still trying to figure out the problem or issue with all the old data and process. Trying to figure out why a relationship isn't working or didn’t continue. Thinking over why things didn’t go your way. You may analyze it over and over. But what if you are using your old data and experiences. You get the same result over and over. Say you are an over giver in relationships, and you have a pattern of putting other’s needs first. You start a new relationship where you are giving and giving but the other person seems to never be satisfied. Or they do not reciprocate. Your old experience or data would say it is your fault, you need to try harder, you are not loving enough. And you may try this for some time until you are exhausted or get the same results. The clarity that you need is a new perspective. Maybe you need better boundaries instead of giving more. Maybe you need to find someone that can give and receive and respects you. Maybe it is not one sided and all your fault. This might seem obvious to some but for a giver that has never thought about it this way it can be a true-life changing clarity moment.

By just having a slightly different perspective, a whole new level of clarity can change the direction of your life. If you have been in jobs that you never received respect or are over worked and underappreciated, you might have the belief that it’s your fault and you need to keep trying harder. But what if you finally get the clarity that no you are a hard worker, you do more than you should and you do deserve more. When you finally see yourself differently with this new clarity it allows a whole new door of possibilities to open for you. When you finally believe you deserve more you attract and can receive more. The clarity can literally open new doors of solutions. You feel like you can move and decide or know what the right choice is. It can release you from the Groundhog Day cycle that you have been stuck in.

Think about what things have felt stuck in your life. Are you trying to solve it with the old data or experiences? Are you open to having a new perspective and receiving the clarity that you need? Sometimes this clarity can be easy while other times it can feel harsh. Especially when we need to take responsibility for our actions or make bigger steps to change. So, are you ready to make changes and heal what has been holding you back? Changing your perspective, actions, and attitude are key. Once you are ready to receive the clarity in your life expect a whole new world of opportunities and solutions to appear. What are you ready to receive clarity on and start living a changed life?!

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