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Anger – Your Energetic Alarm

Anger is an emotion that has been sneaking up on people and maybe not in the way you would think. When we talk about anger it is usually viewed as a negative emotion projected at someone or something. We visualize an angry person screaming or yelling. We normally don’t associate it with a nice person or good behavior. Because of this we tend to dislike anger, stuff it down and ignore it. We feel shame or guilt when we feel anger. Most people don’t like to feel anger towards another person that they love. So why is anger coming up as such a hot topic for so many people? Why are super nice people boiling on the inside with anger? Why is it so confusing and uncomfortable to feel? It’s time we start looking at anger as an energetic alarm going off inside of us. And we can no longer keep hitting the snooze button.

If your smoke alarm is going off in your kitchen, do you just turn it off or remove the battery to stop it from making those loud noises? Then do you just walk away and ignore what might be causing it? Of course not! We search and look and find out exactly what is causing it to go off. Something that could cause us harm is something we want to find and deal with right away, right? So think of anger as your internal energetic alarm going off. It is warning you that something is not right. You are not being treated well, or something is not in alignment with you. Your energy could be in danger! It is our built-in security system to alert us when things are off. But we have labeled anger in such a way that it feels like a bad thing so much so that we tend to ignore it. Just constantly hitting snooze while our energetic, physical and spiritual self is crying out for help and trying to warn you that something is not right.

Anger if ignored can literally eat away at you. It sits and stews in your energy field constantly making you feel off and uncomfortable. You may still be carrying anger from a child of how you were treated, or situations at school or with friends. A moment when you were not respected or treated unfairly. It could be from a current or past relationship were someone hurt you. They cheated on you, lied, even emotionally or physically abused you. It could be a work situation where you never get the respect for the work you do, are treated poorly by co-workers or never receive the promotion or raise you work so hard to receive. All of these situations are examples of when you were not treated the way you felt you deserved by a person or in a situation. But something inside you still boils when you think about it. Quite simply that anger is setting off alarms still that you were not treated the way your energy needed to be treated.

So why is anger coming up so strongly for people? Quite simply because people can no longer tolerate behavior they once let slip by. More and more people are seeing behavior and actions of friends, family, relationships and co-workers as something that can no longer be tolerated. For example, think of a person that might count on you to be available to always help them, but they were never expected to do the same for you. Now when they ask you for help when you have no time or energy you are seeing how they are disrespecting your energy needs. Anger comes up why are they asking this of me? Don’t they see how tired I am? They never do anything for me. All of this anger is an alarm saying you are not being treated fairly in this relationship. So instead of hitting snooze like you did in the past, you are now paying attention and taking action. Maybe you are finally able to say no to people. Maybe you are finally putting up boundaries to no longer attract people like that in your life. Maybe you are listening to the anger and not feeling bad about it. You are seeing how you are not being treated well.

So instead of feeling bad about feeling angry, take the time to see what is really going on. Most likely you are not trying to be mean to anyone by being angry. Instead, it is your alarm system saying you are not being treated right. Honor that emotion and feeling and take action to take care of your energetic needs. Always go back to your intent. Did you wake up this morning thinking who can I tick off today and be angry with? Of course not. So if you normally don’t express anger and are feeling it boil up inside you, pay attention! Love yourself enough to know that you are not being treated well. If you identify the issue and put-up boundaries and people ignore them, then they are the problem. They are not respecting your energy. Put ownership where it belongs and respect your needs. Stop ignoring your anger alarm and start seeing it for what it really is – protection. Focus on the anger alarms you need to look at to live a healthier and peaceful life.

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