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1 Year Anniversary!

Yes, it has been 1 whole year since I moved into my office space. I cannot believe how fast this time has gone by!

Looking back on it now it was such a huge step for me to take. I had so many emotions happening and so many thoughts - such as what in the world am I doing?! For those of you that have been with me for a while you have seen the growth happen and it seemed very natural. And it was natural but for me it felt more about accepting and allowing good things to come into my life. I thought could it really be this easy? Is this really what I am supposed to be doing? I kept following all the signs and trusting my gut. I kept receiving such wonderful validation from clients that what I was doing was helping and making such a difference.

I knew I was ready to grow and move my business into an “official” space. I put out to the universe that I was ready and open to receive the space I am meant to be in. I didn’t put pressure on myself, I didn’t even do any research for rental spaces. I just put out the intention that I was ready. Ready for the growth, ready to take the next steps, ready to receive new things in my life. And whala….it all happened so magically. One of my

dear clients let me know about a space available. I setup a time to look at it and wow the space was perfect! It needed a few updates, but I could see it all in my head. The location was perfect and the building itself had such a great feel. It was quiet and secluded and yet in the heart of so much. I had fallen in love with the space as soon as I saw it and I knew it would work out. However, there was a few months of back and forth of how this might all work out. Would I sublease from another, would I partner up, could I even afford this size of a space? Again, I kept trusting it would all work out. So, after a lot of thought, crunching numbers and add in a lot of faith and courage I moved forward with an offer. I asked for what I needed and before I knew it, I was signing a lease and moving in!

From that time on I have seen so much growth in my business and met so many wonderful new people. The energy in the space has continued to grow from the moment I moved in. There have been new tenants next to me and the space keeps growing into this wonderful wellness center. It truly is magical how it all worked out and I cannot wait to see what the next year continues to bring for me. I am blessed to be doing this work and meeting so many wonderful bright people. All who are working on ways to improve and grow themselves. We are building a community of like-minded people and offering so much love and support for each other. Did I mention how magical this is?!!

When we trust ourselves, follow our gut and set clear intentions anything truly is possible. Sometimes the hardest part is accepting success and good things into our lives. We tend to believe it has to be hard or it can’t happen unless we experience certain challenges and earn it. That is an old belief system that we do not need to follow. Believe that things can come easy and that success is meant for you. You don’t have to work hard or struggle to find success or happiness. We all receive what we believe we can have in our life. So why not stretch those limits and start believing you can have more? This is part of growth and change. Use your imagination and dream big. See yourself where you really want to be in life and then believe it can happen.

I have been so lucky to be a part of my clients healing and growth. There have been so many wonderful stories of personal achievements. Many of you never thought you could be where you are today. And yet there you are receiving wonderful things in your life and achieving success. Take time to look back at the journey so far and be proud of yourself for all that you have done to change and grow. And then take time to look ahead and believe you can receive even more! Be that example for people around you. Show them you can receive good things and start enjoying life to it’s fullest. Now is the time to be that shining light for those around you and show them anything is possible!

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Congratulations on this milestone! You are an inspiration and I feel so blessed to know you.

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