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The Energy of Peace

Peace can be a word we use often. During the holidays or when wars break out or what people wish for. But have you stopped to really identify what peace means to you? Instead of a word we use to wish for can we find the peace in our own lives and connect with that energy? Peace is defined as the absence of war or other hostilities, an agreement or treaty to end hostilities, or freedom from quarrels and disagreement, harmonious relations. The definition itself draws us to examples outside of ourselves. Most people think of wars or disputes between nations. But what about inner peace, what about peace in relationships or workplaces? Is peace something you can create or choose or is it something that is out of your control? Can you imagine your life with more peace in it? What would it feel like to be in the energies of peace on a regular basis? What would it take to bring the energy of peace into your life?

If we imagine the energy of peace most of us think of a calm feeling. Taking a big breath in and then out. Releasing all tension from your body and being safe to let yourself relax. Feels good just to think about it! But most of us experience very little peace in our lives. From the moment we wake up its hurry up get ready, get out the door, go to work, drop the kids of, run some errands, rush through traffic, hurry to an appointment, get an unexpected bill, have something disrupt your day, and on and on. Most of us are coming from a place of rushing or no time for anything to go wrong. Overbooked and overscheduled to the point it feels impossible to find peace. Our lives are normally not setup for peace. Even the structures in our society are not setup for peace. We are stressed, divided, and our energy is pushed and pulled in too many directions. It is hard to find room for peace in our daily lives. That is why many need a vacation or to go somewhere else to escape and find even a little sense of peace.

What about our relationships? Think of co-workers, friendships, romantic partners and family. What relationships in your life bring you peace? What relationships feel like war and which ones could use a treaty? Are you choosing to be in relationships that foster peace or are they causing conflict? We tend to repeat patterns from childhood of our roles we play. Were you the peacemaker in the family? Do you do that with others now? If so, you may always be drawing conflict into your life or seeking it out. You may be trying to heal old wounds and keep attracting the same situation over and over. Such as lack of trust, people that betray you, abandoned you, or that disrespect you. You may be stuck in a loop of trying to “fix” an old would by playing it out with new people. This can cause a repeat in old trauma and stop you from having peace in your life. What if you are still trying to prove you are worthy or good at a job? Always looking for approval or outside validation. If so, you may keep being drawn to positions that never offer respect. They pay little and expect too much. It is always about proving your worth. This energy can feel like a warzone and quite the opposite of peace.

It is important to take a new perspective when looking at your life. What is really causing me stress and conflict in my life? Do I want to fight this battle every day? Do I want to be in the energy of conflict? Unfortunately, we put up with a lot before we feel we can change and remove the stress from our lives. We may need to make bigger changes such as leaving a job, relationship or home in order to remove the stress. These choices can also come with what we see as consequences. It is only when the stress and conflict become too much that the choice to change can look like a conceivable option. What are you willing to change to find peace in your life? Do you believe you deserve peace? Can peace even exist in our daily lives? And the answer is yes. So instead of having to go on a vacation to find peace, you can have it in your home, relationship or workplace every day.

Think about what kind of peaceful energy you want to have in your life. What people, places or situations are stressors and which ones are balanced and peaceful? Do you love yourself enough to believe you deserve peace in your life? If the answer is no, take a hard look at what is coming up as blocks. Thoughts like I can’t find another job that pays this well, nobody else would love me, I don’t deserve to be happy, can all be eye opening into what blocks you from receiving peace in your life. Trust that you can have peace and it is available to anyone that is ready to receive it. Start small and remove things that are not peaceful in your life. Reject new things that do not feel peaceful. The more comfortable it gets the easier it will be to release the bigger things that are not aligned with peace. Remove stress and be open to more peace in your life. Watch how the energy of peace will continue to expand in your life. Are you ready to receive more peace and experience how much better your life can be?

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