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The Beautiful Energy of Love!

Love is such a beautiful word, idea, feeling, concept, and gift. When we hear the word love we can have all kinds of memories and thoughts associated with it. The wonderful thing is that it is different for everyone. From a parent loving a child to a child loving a pet to a pet loving it’s human. From Romantic love to platonic love, to self-love. There are so many ways we can incorporate the word love. Different ways to share and express love. Love is a beautiful gift we can give without condition and share with so many. And unfortunately love can also be something that people lack in their lives or rarely experience. Love can be so uplifting or so painful depending on your life circumstances. So how can we better understand the energy of love, how to receive it, and share it with others?

Love is such a precious gift. We all want it and long for it. But so many times we look for love outside of ourselves. Thinking we have to earn love or gain love from others. It can become a never ending battle of trying to receive love from others in all forms. Does my manager love the work I am doing? Does my family agree with my life choices? Are my friends going to love what I wear? Does my partner still care about me? When we are constantly looking for love outside of ourselves it comes with a price. It means we are never filled until someone else supplies that love. It means it can be conditional and only given or earned when something is done in return. That is a dangerous place to be with the idea of Love. It keeps love at a distance and gives the power to others to provide it or give us permission to receive it.

Think about where you give or receive love in your life. Does it flow freely to yourself and others? Or does it have rules and limitations of how and when it can be given or received? If you do find you have restrictions on love do you want this to change? Can you imagine a life where it flows freely? That is where most of us ultimately want to be. The energy of love is something that everyone deserves and can share. It is not limited or contained. That is an illusion that we can be conditioned with by people, cultures, society, and the media. If love is such a precious gift think of the energetic value of it. It is better than gold! So unfortunately, some see it as a commodity that can be used to control others or influence them. Do this for me and I will love you, be this type of employee and you will get praise, buy this type of product and attract love, believe in this concept or idea and receive approval. All of these are forms of energetic manipulations of love. The real secret is that we do not have to do anything or be anything to receive love. It is a free energy available for anyone that wants it. The illusion is that is comes with a price, needs to be earned or is controlled by others.

So how can you start giving yourself more love in your life? Start with your thoughts. How do you talk to yourself? Do you say things like I should try harder, I need to look better, I wish I was more talented, if only I could lose weight, why can’t I make more money and on and on? All those thoughts deprive us of love. When the truth is all of us are worthy of receiving love just as we are now at this time. Nothing is needed to be changed, there is nothing wrong with you. You are always deserving of love for the wonderful person you are, have been and will be.

The more we can give love to ourselves, the more we can give and receive it from others. If you do not feel deserving of love you often reject it. It could be as simple as a compliment from someone and you do not feel like you deserve so you dismiss it. And when we reject love for ourselves, we can get into a horrible loop. You do not believe you can have love, so you look outside yourself for others to prove you wrong. You look for validation from others to say yes you do deserve it and you expect them to show you how much you deserve it. But no matter what a person would do to try and show your loveable, you will always reject it because deep down you do not believe you deserve it. Other people will never be able to fulfill or heal you of this rejection of love. The key is to work on you! Challenge the old beliefs that say you cannot have love. Be kinder and more positive in your thoughts about yourself. Start receiving love from others and not rejecting it.

When you can allow love to freely flow through you, you no longer will be dependent on others to fulfill you. You can take that pressure off yourself to be something else to deserve love. You will attract in people that love you just as you are without conditions. You will accept yourself as is and become more positive in your thoughts. You will experience the true essence of love! And that is what we ALL deserve and are entitled to receive. So start living in the true energy of love and experience how much it will change your life!

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