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Stop Healing and Start Living!

I’ve had many clients say I thought I was done with this. Those times when something you felt you healed peeks into your life again. The first thought they have is oh no I did something wrong, or I didn’t heal enough. Why does this keep coming back? But what if it’s not coming back this time to heal? What if it is coming back so you can say I am positive I am done with this! Sometimes things are offered back into our lives for us to go through the motion of finally saying no to it. It could be old habits, old relationships, old beliefs, old struggles. It could be situations that you no longer want to experience. Whatever “it” is, it is coming back to say are you sure? Positive this time? All to give you the opportunity to firmly say no more! So how can we recognize this and be able to see it as an opportunity instead of a setback? How can you stop healing and start living the life you want?

Many of you have had to really work through some hard stuff. Pull back layers and layers to get to a place where you can get a different perspective and heal old wounds. I’m not going to lie, the process can be exhausting and uncomfortable. But as I tell my clients that’s likely why you have never fully healed it before. When we start an emotional healing process no matter what the topic, we invest a lot of time and energy. We push ourselves beyond what we thought we could. We want to finally remove the old habits from our lives so we can start enjoying it. But some people get so used to the process of healing that they don’t know when to start living. They constantly feel like they have to do more, dig into this new thing, be completely healed before they can feel done. The thing is, we choose when we are done. We choose what we want to heal and in what time frame. But as some point we have to start applying all that we have learned and healed. We need to do the “field work” and start incorporating what we learned into our lives.

Living and enjoying life can be the hardest next step in the healing process. Let’s say you are a person that had no boundaries and could not say no to anyone. You did the work, you healed what you needed to, you made changes in relationships and situations. Now how do you start living life and enjoy the new reality you created? Can you receive healthy relationships and opportunities that are coming to you because your energy has changed? Do you feel like this it too good to be true or do you look for something to go wrong? Instead, you should start learning what makes YOU happy now. What you love to do and what you want to participate in. Start enjoying life and expect good things to happen and know that you cannot go backwards. If old situations pop up, that’s your opportunity to tell the universe no thank you..I am done with that!

Once you heal you leave your old life. You start moving into a new energy that will soon be your new life. But it is a blank canvas, waiting for you to create and decide what you want that life to look like. Instead of knowing exactly what that is you have to start to play and try things. Deciding along the way what you like and what you don’t. You have to discover the new you. You were hidden away with so much old energy, old beliefs, living the life of others that it can be hard to know who you even are. But that also can be the fun part of living and participating in your new healed life! You have a new perspective on things a new outlook that wants to be tested out. So play and have fun. Do things without purpose to it, only to discover what you love and enjoy. Give yourself a break and know that you do not have to work as hard to receive the life you want. You have healed the heavier energies and things will be easier and lighter to decide what you want and what is best for you!

When you heal some of the bigger things in your life, you need time to integrate the new energies of yourself. Now don’t get me wrong we can always find something we want to improve or heal within ourselves. But we can choose to do this in our own time or not at all. If you are happy with where you are at, do not look for anything to heal. Instead start enjoying your new energy and start participating in life. Also be aware if you are judging others in their healing process. Remember everyone has a choice and not everyone will or wants to heal certain issues in this life. That is their choice just as you have a choice of how much to heal. There is no right or wrong, only the decision of each person to live the life they want. So decide what kind of a life will make you happy. How do you want to spend each day? Less stress, more love, respectful relationships, more fun, more joy and so much more! At what point are you going to celebrate all that you have healed and start living in the new energy you worked so hard to create? Stop focusing on healing and start living your beautiful new life!

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