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Raise Your Vibration!

Do you want to start feeling better both mentally and physically? Do you want to experience more happiness in your life and feel good? Most of us do but we forget how or don’t take the time. Our bodies are made up of energy and that energy vibrates at certain frequencies. Our energy can vibrate really high or sometimes very low. When we have a higher energy vibration, we can experience a lot of joy and happiness. We feel emotionally good and physically strong. We have great mental clarity and feel that we can easily function in the world. But when our energy vibration is low, we can feel sad, depressed, hopeless, angry, and even physically ill. That is why it is so important to be more aware of your energy vibration. What things can affect your energy vibration and what can you do to start raising your vibration?

Visualize dropping a stone in water and notice how it ripples out the water around it. Now if you drop another stone next to that one notice how it changes the first ripple and how they interact. That is exactly how energy works. We are all giving off those ripples and sending them out in the world. Imagine your ripples extending out two feet, five feet or even more from your physical body. Imagine what things your energy ripples are interacting with that can be so far away from you. Now imagine anyone else you can see and how far their energy ripples extend out. When you start to understand this, you will have a better idea of just how much we interact with other people energetically. You might not talk to that person you walk by, but you can feel their energy and they can feel yours. And if you are a highly sensitive person or empathic (feeling other’s emotions) you are feeling this substantially more than most people.

Who are you interacting with on a daily basis? Are the people around you generally pretty positive and in a good mood? Or are you in a harsh home or work environment where the energies around you are heavier, negative, or not supportive? Those are the energy ripples that are interacting with you on a regular basis. If you are interacting with lower vibrations it can bring your energy vibration down as well. Or if it is a positive or fun environment it can lift you up!

Think about some of the other things you interact with on a daily basis. Are these things raising or lowering your vibration? Do you watch the news or are online interacting with a lot of sad or heavier subjects most of the day? Believe it or not our televisions and computer and phones also emit out energy vibrations. If you are tuning into things that bring you anxiety, stress, anger then these are the energy ripples you are interacting with and lowering your vibration. If you are tuning into uplifting stories or things that make you laugh or bring a smile to your face, then this is raising your vibration. Seems simple right?

What about what you are doing physically each day? Are you getting outside in nature and feeling the energy ripples from the trees and plants? Are you walking by a lake, river or ocean and feeling the energy lift you up? Are you letting the sunshine on your face and feeling the warmth? These things can all raise your vibration. Are you stuck in a home or work environment that is harsh and negative, do you go to stores that are filled with stressed or fearful people? Are you in a hospital and feeling the fear, anxiety, or pain of people? These are all things that can lower your vibration.

Raising and lowering your vibration can be affected by so many things. We may think it is just a matter of being positive to raise your vibration. But that can be extremely difficult if you are interacting with negative or lower vibrations most of your day. Most people know that life is not always rainbows and unicorns. Many people can experience hard emotional situations such as losing a loved one, financial fears, loneliness, physical pain, or illness. We can’t ignore that these things are happening all around us or pretend everything is alright. But we can make an effort to manage our energy better. To take better care of ourselves during the tougher times. To have more awareness of the vibrations we interact with daily.

Start by having more awareness of the energy vibrations you choose to interact with every day. What things can lower your energy and what things can raise you up? Then decided how you can start to limit those interactions with lower frequencies and increase the higher ones. We can’t always make big moves right away, but you can start with small changes. If you had a rough day don’t end it by watching negative things on tv or online. Give yourself the care you need and interact with higher vibrations and do self-care. If certain people drain you of your energy or ask too much of you, find ways to limit that interaction. Start with small changes and build from there.

As you raise your vibration you will notice you also start to attract more things that match that new vibration. People will be drawn to you and enjoy the energy you choose to share. You will feel mentally and physically better and lighter. You will be in the energy of love, joy, and happiness. So start today! Find small things you can do to start managing what energies you interact with. Choose things that raise up your vibration and notice how your life feels good and you shine brighter! So go ahead and make a daily choice to raise your vibration!

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