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New Expectations

Think about the expectations you hold in your life. How do you expect things to go? Do they happen with ease, or do you normally struggle? Do you hold high expectations for yourself and others? Do you find yourself putting a lot of time and effort into what you expect to happen? Expectations can be great for setting goals and holding yourself to certain standards. But when we have too many expectations or too rigid expectations it can stop us from experiencing life. We may be holding unrealistic expectations for ourselves or others or events. And when we expect positive things or successful results can these expectations help shape what we receive? Having Expectations can work in your favor, or they can work against you. The important thing is to decide what expectations fit best for you and how they fit into the life you want to create.

Many of us create our expectations by what we have experienced in the past and our overall belief system. Say you were always good with finances. You were safe and secure, always felt strong with your choices and money flowed easily to you. Because of this you would expect this to continue in the future. You may even take bigger risks because you have confidence in yourself and expect to have positive results. All based on your past experiences. But what if you had a rough time with finances? You might have struggled to pay bills, have a decent paying job or unexpected expenses kept coming up just when you started to get ahead. In this case you may expect to always have issues with finances. You may be extra careful with your money and never overspend. It would be hard to change your expectations that money could easily flow to you.

When we have strong expectations in any part of our life it can either be positive for us or negative. So how can we change our expectations for what we expect to happen in life? How do we challenge those old beliefs and create new expectations? This process requires a lot of faith and trust. But it also challenges you not to carry forward the old energy into a new future. We are moving into some new energies that may feel chaotic, but they are actually helping us do things differently. You may also be doing a personal transformation or healing. So, if you are different and the energies around us are different, how can we ever expect the same results that we had in the past? The formula has changed and so we can never repeat the same experiences.

What if you had issues with relationships in the past. Attracting the wrong person or experiencing hard situations. You may expect the same to continue going forward. But if you took time to do some inner work, realized why you might be drawing in the wrong people or repeating old patterns, then you are not the same energy as you were. If you realized, you over gave or didn’t have boundaries and made healthy changes. You would no longer draw in the same people that needed that energy. Instead, you would draw in people that respected your energy, treated you well, and were able to give and receive in the relationship. So, because you did your work and changed your energy, you can expect to see changes in the outcome of relationships from the past.

When you change your energy, you also need to change your expectations. Trust yourself that you have made the changes needed to no longer receive the same results. However, you need to challenge yourself to expect different experiences than you have had in the past. If you don’t you can self-sabotage new opportunities coming to you. This is where trust and faith come in. Can you trust you have done the work to create new results. Can you have faith that the changes will be supported, and new opportunities can come to you? This is why expectations can be so powerful. They can help or hinder us depending on what we are dealing with and experiencing.

Think about how you can start to change your expectations. What areas of your life have you changed or healed but may still be expecting the same old results? Are you projecting old expectations onto new situations, people or experiences instead of being in the moment and having a clean slate? Do you project fears or judgements on others because of past experiences? Or can you have a fresh start and not carry the old energy onto new situations. What new expectations will you start creating in your life? Have trust and faith and try things in a new way. Expect positive results regardless of what happened in the past. Then watch how easily things can transform into a healthier and happier life!

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