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Love Yourself

A beautiful thing is happening, people are starting to love themselves. Yes, people are realizing that they deserve love, deserve to be treated better, deserve to receive good things! There has been a group of people that have played small for far too long. You have held yourself back, tried to keep everyone else comfortable. You played in other’s comfort zone. You stayed within the box of expectations that you were given from others or learned from your surroundings. Something is happening that is allowing people to see that they need to honor their own energy. That it is not selfish to do things you love. You are not hurting others by taking care of yourself. You are learning to love yourself in a whole new way. This can be a powerful time for so many people that are over givers and put others first at the expense of their own energy. Are you experiencing this awakening? Or are you seeing this happening with people in your life? How do you recognize this as a good change and adjust to loving yourself?

First how do you love yourself? What have you done for yourself in the past and with others? It is important to first recognize what your love language has been in the past. This will help you realize how you view and express love. Take some time to write out your love language. Do you feel you need to give a lot to show love? Do you feel others need to do big gestures to prove they love you? Are you open to receiving love? Do you deny yourself love such as compliments, help, or respect? Do you believe you deserve love? What you believe love needs to be is very important to recognize. Because you may be setting yourself up to be disappointed most of the time. Or you may not have enough respect for yourself and lack healthy boundaries. Attracting in people that might manipulate or abuse your energy. Take a hard look at your past relationships – family, romantic, friendships and even co-workers. What has your love language been? What do you expect of others and how do you communicate love?

Because most of you are starting to change your energy, your old love language isn’t working anymore. You might start seeing how unbalanced you are in giving and receiving. You may see where you take on too much responsibility in relationships to “make” the other person happy. You may see behavior in others that is no longer acceptable to you. All because you are starting to love yourself! Yes, you are important! You do deserve love! And it’s not being selfish to do so, it’s not hurting anyone either.

For those of you that have had a healthy love language and have taken care of your needs first, this may seem hard to understand. But look at people in your life that over give, that never take care of their needs. It may seem easy for you but for them it has been engrained in their mind, body and spirit that putting their needs first is wrong. So, if they suddenly start asking you for help, or demand you do more, or put-up new boundaries, know that they are finally practicing self-love. They will now understand the importance of balancing giving and receiving. In the past they may run themselves to the ground and never receive help and even become resentful of others. Now they may put up healthy boundaries, take on less task and expect and receive more from others. Are you noticing these people in your life? And if so, are you able to adjust to their new needs and boundaries?

So, whether you are the person that is changing, or you are seeing it in others, there is a huge positive shift happening in self-love. People are seeing how unbalanced things have been in their life. Instead of over giving to the point of being resentful and disappointed in others, people are now open to receiving. Are you loving yourself more than you ever have before? What steps will you take to make changes that respect and honor your energy? How will you renegotiate old relationships and what new energies are accepted in your life? If you have these people in your life, how will you support the changes they are making? Are you willing to step up now that space is created for you to give to them? Can you adjust to the new boundaries they are creating? Do those boundaries work for you?

When you change from giving yourself zero self-love to even 10% it can make a big difference in your life. That is time and energy back for you. That is being open to receiving even the smallest compliment or gesture of love. The more you practice self-love and care the more open you will be to others that want to give to you. You will lower expectations for yourself and in turn for those around you. Life can move easier and be more enjoyable. With new boundaries and awareness, you can remove people or situations that have manipulated your energy or disrespected your needs. You will no longer volunteer to solve other people's problems. You will be able to focus on your energy, your needs and love yourself just as you are. Think about how your love language is changing and how you can practice more self-love and care. Love yourself and watch how different your life will feel and how much more enjoyable it can be!

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