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How Reiki Changed MY Life

The question I get asked over and over is how did you get into Reiki? It normally is a longer answer than I plan on giving but that is because it was such a life changing event for me. I hope by sharing my story it will remind you to trust your own intuition in order to receive the change you would like to manifest.

I always knew I was intuitive and there was something different about myself. Like many other people I had chosen to push it away and bury it down and go on with my “normal” life. But every now and then it would find a way to pop up into my life. I would occasionally have some strange experience where I would just know something, or could feel people’s emotions before they expressed them. But again I would push it off as that was weird or find the experience fascinating but never really knowing what to do with it.

Then there came a point in my life where I knew something needed to change. I was coming up on the high side of my thirties and realized I was unhappy, over worked and over stressed. I didn’t feel like myself or even really know who that was anymore. I kept asking for change asking for help. I knew something in my life needed to transform but I had no idea what that was or how to get there. That was until the day I saw a class being offered to learn Reiki. At the time I had no idea what it was but for some reason I was really drawn to sign up. I had never even experienced a Reiki session let alone had any concept of what it was all about. But that didn’t stop me from signing up to take the class. I knew on some level it was important for me to go. The strange part was I never even thought to do any research on what it was or what I might get out of it. That was how strong the “knowing” was that I needed to sign up and take the class.

Even when I arrived to the Reiki class I was thinking what am I spending my money on? But again my instincts said to just go with it. When it came time for the attunement to the Reiki energies, I really didn’t know what to expect and had little concept of just how that moment would change my life. The attunement process allows you to give Reiki to other people and yourself. It clears a channel to allow the Reiki energies to flow through you. The attunement process for me was a powerful and life changing experience. The amount of energy flooding through my head was overwhelming. My Reiki teacher kept whispering hang in there. Clearly, she also could sense this was an intense experience. I saw a beautiful purple light all around me. It felt like a valve was opened and the energy was flowing all through me. I had never experienced anything like it and even now it is hard to explain exactly what happened.

From that moment on my intuition blossomed. It was like a switch was turned on and I could no longer deny what was happening or hold anything back. I felt like I had a direct channel and I was receiving so much information. I was receiving messages for people and knew exactly what they needed to hear. I was becoming more empathic and feeling emotions and even physical issues on other people. It was both exciting and overwhelming. I was drawn to practice Reiki on people and people were drawn to me. I began to develop a style of energy work that included intuition as part of my sessions with people. I learned to trust what I was getting and knew that I needed to follow this path.

Slowly more and more people learned or heard of what I was doing. People that would be asking the same questions in their life like I had been were being drawn to me. People who wanted change in their lives and wanted to heal and release old emotional issues they no longer needed. I found I was helping people transform their lives and guide them to the change they wanted. This was all possible with the combination of Reiki energy work and the increased intuition I received. It all worked perfectly, and I knew that this is the work I am meant to do. This is the true purpose and true calling I had been looking for and longing for in my life. I finally found I aligned with my true self.

I am embracing who I am and creating a growing business out of this work. I continue to receive validation everyday on how important this work is and for people to following that inner voice to change their own lives. I feel so lucky to be a part of so many people’s lives and see the journey they are on. It is an amazing gift that I was finally able to receive and share with so many people. I no longer see Reiki and intuition as two separate things. They are so entwined and work in harmony to help people receive exactly what they need.

We all have those moments when things shift and change dramatically in our lives. I hope by sharing my story it will remind you to follow your gut, trust what you feel and follow where the change leads you. You never know what amazing opportunities and life altering experience you will receive!

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