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Energetic Karma

Energetic Karma is the concept of the intent or action that you put out will come back to you. This can be in a good way or a bad way depending on what energy you are putting out in the world. It can come back immediately or take much longer depending on the energy and the situation. We can also look at the Karma we experience with others. What similar issues are we working on together. Or what is the other person sharing with us that is helping us heal or move through something? Think of Karma as a magnetic attraction. Drawing in people or situations to work through a type of energy. Once you heal or transform you will not be drawn to that same type of energy and can be released. Understanding what energetic Karma you are working on can help in your healing or transformation process. So how do we identify Karmic relationships? How can we spot the energy we send out coming back to us?

Most people think of Karma when you see a person doing something mean to another and instantly having something bad happen to them. It’s hard not to think they brought that on themselves. And why? Because we do send out energy into the world and receive it back to us. Think of a yo yo. You push the energy out and it comes back to you with the same intensity. Fast and quick out and fast and quick back. Long and drawn out and it will come back the same way. Karma is all about energy. We may see Karma respond quickly and can easily identify it. Or we may not see things for many years, or some even believe lifetimes.

Karmic energy is not as simple as good or bad and right and wrong. There are so many different experiences and energy that we may have a mix of things that are not as easy to identify. Not everyone will be drawn to the same Karmic cycles or themes because of this. You may find a small group of people that you keep playing out the same karmic cycles with. You may think this is a strong connection or finally find people that get you. But what is more likely is that you are working through many of the same karmic themes and naturally drawn to each other. For example, say you keep repeating relationships. The same type of person you are drawn to over and over. Why? Because those people represent a theme that you are trying to heal in your life. If someone cheated on you, was distrustful, or disrespected you, think about why you might be drawn to a person like this? What happened in your life that drew you to this type of person? Was it low self-esteem? Past hurts that you are trying to replay and win at? Is it what you learned love to be and what to expect? Understanding and identifying the karmic energy is important so you know the theme you are trying to heal.

Until you identify and heal the karmic energy, how will you be drawn to healthier people? If left unhealed, healthy relationships may even feel wrong or uncomfortable. Why? Because your energy is not drawn to healthy energy. You may not know what to do with it or how to act. It is too unknown to you, so it is more comfortable to go back to the unhealthy known energy. And by doing this you continue to repeat the karmic energy. This is why it can be so confusing and frustrating to break free from karmic energy. The good that you want can feel so uncomfortable that you can be repelled by it. Think of magnets. One direction they are pulled together and one they are pushed apart.

The good news with karmic energy is that once you identify your theme, you can heal it without healing the other person. They will continue to play out the old theme with someone else until they are ready to heal if they choose. Because of this they may find other friends or partners quickly. They may even have good things happening. You may question why things were going so well for them when they treated me so poorly? Wondering when karma will come back to them. But know that is not for you to control, judge or be a part of. Again, it may take time for karmic energy to come back. It might come back in unexpected ways. But we cannot hold on to the thought of that person being punished or getting theirs. Everyone has their own journeys and lessons. It is your responsibility to focus on your own journey. Release the old energy and attachments. Move into healthier energy for yourself. This is why we see so many people changing relationships, jobs and homes. They are releasing the old karmic energy and finding what resonates with them now.

As you release the old karmic energy, think about what new energy you are putting out in the world. Are you sharing love, trust, and kindness? Are you receiving that energy back to you? Send out the energy you want to receive and be open to it coming back to you. Are you still healing old karmic energy? If you are repeating old patterns and not seeing a change, look at what the theme is. Decide what needs to change to be healed to move into healthier energy. And most importantly know that when you heal you can release karmic energy. The other person or situation involved in Karma does not need to heal or learn a lesson for you to be released. You can free your energy of what was holding you back and move into healthy new energy and draw in what matches you now.

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