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Energetic Creativity

Creativity is a word that can feel fun to some and foreign to others. It may feel reserved only for those that can draw or paint and not for the logical minded. But creativity can come in so many different forms. It is not just about art, it is a part of all areas of our lives. Creativity is defined as the use of imagination or original ideas. This is something we apply in all areas of our lives. So why am I talking about creativity and it’s misunderstanding? A lot of you are trying to make changes in your lives. You understand what you no longer want but trying to understand what you do want is more challenging. This is because you are still locked into the old way of thinking, the old way of being. You are trying to create change without allowing yourself to play and be creative. This can be the hardest part to start when you are changing your life, but it can also be the most fun!

Most of us associate creativity to what we learned as a child. An art class where you learned many different fun things. You may not have been good at making what you were told but you may have enjoyed the process. Or maybe you were good and that lead to a career in art. Or you were told you were not so good and that lead to a career in a more practical field like business. Most of us were influenced by what we were told being creative is and if we have it or not. But unfortunately, that is such a disservice to label people that way or put them in a category. It can take away our sense of freedom and energetic creativity. It can keep us in a place of what we should do rather than follow a passion. It can limit us with fear or distrust of ourselves when we dare to do something outside what we have been categorized in. This is why it can be so confusing when we want change in our lives because we need to use our imagination and try different things to create something new.

So how do we challenge our beliefs to allow us to be creative? Can we be something we always wanted to be but were told we couldn’t. Did you have a lot of responsibilities growing up and you felt that creativity is a luxury you can’t include in your life? Start looking at creativity as something essential in life instead of a luxury. You can start small by allowing yourself to play. Try a different coffee place or sign up for a class you always wanted to try. Learn a new skill or at least attempt one. Pick things that do not have to produce a result or be productive for your time. Do not put pressure on trying new things but allow yourself the time and freedom to play. This is the only way we can truly understand who we are and what we really are passionate about in our heart.

As you start to explore the small things it will be easier to allow yourself bigger changes. Create a new business, move to a new location, see yourself in a completely different life. Use your imagination to explore and create a new life that you truly want without the old limitations of what you were told you were capable of being. That is how you create change in your life. Use your energetic creativity to move outside the box of what you should be or do and play in a whole new space of possibilities. Allow yourself to “try” things instead of mastering them. Allow yourself the time to “try” things without the pressure of producing something. Free yourself of old expectations of what you were told you should be or what you need to accomplish. Be creative, go outside your comfort zone and discover so many new possibilities!

Allow yourself to explore the new you and see what change you can really bring into your life? Expand what you think you can have in your life. Don’t play by the old rules or old category you were put in, create new ones that allow you to reach beyond your limits and change. Discover what you really love and are you passionate about. Let go of old beliefs of what you have been told to be for so long. Allow yourself to play in your energetic creativity and discover the new and passionate you!!

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