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What’s Your Frequency?

People in the energy and spiritual community use the term frequency quite a bit. Mostly talking about raising your frequency. But what does that really mean? For someone that is new to energy or energy work it can sound kind of woo woo. Raise your vibration, or share a higher frequency can be phrases that people tune out or don’t connect with. But how do we really understand what our energy frequency and vibration is? Do you want to explore what words and emotions have higher or lower frequencies and how it affects you? How do we connect with other people, places and situations if we match or don’t match frequencies? And why is everyone talking about raising your vibration recently? Let’s try to break it down into everyday examples so you can relate to what energy is, what our frequency means and how it can affect our everyday lives.

First what is frequency? One definition is the number of repetitions of a periodic process in a unit of time: such as the number of complete oscillations per second of energy in the form of waves. Yes, we are getting a little into science/physics now…stay with me. Basically when you see sound waves, some have a low frequency taking longer to bounce up and down to higher frequency with sharp up and down movement. So, a high vibration is going to look like rapid up and down waves. Everything including us is made up of energy. And everything is vibrating at a different frequency. So a table that feels solid to us is vibrating at a low frequency and seems more dense. Where a high-pitched sound is vibrating at a higher frequency and feels lese dense. Think of frequency as musical notes. How do lower sounds feel compared to higher pitched sounds. How does your body respond to the different frequencies? Does it feel comfortable or uncomfortable?

So why does everyone want to raise their frequency? Well mainly to feel good. Higher vibrations and frequency are associated with what we consider positive emotions. Willingness, acceptance, reason, love, Joy, Peace and Enlightenment are all high frequency emotions. While pride, anger, desire, fear, grief, apathy, guilt and shame are all low frequency emotions. Think about the emotions you are generally feeling most of the time and how you are feeling with those emotions. Does it feel energizing and uplifting or does it feel slow, heavy and tiresome? Now think about the people you spend most of your time with? What kind of emotions are they sharing with you? How do you feel after you see someone? Think about your job and how that feels? Is it stressful and draining? Is it uplifting, fun or purposeful? Think about your home, is it calm and soothing or chaotic and stressful? It is important to realize where you are putting your energy every day. What frequencies are you exposed to, how long are you in them, and how are they affecting you?

There has been a big separation in energies lately. You may have noticed this or experienced it already. People are changing, healing and moving into new frequencies. People that were surrounded by low frequencies are deciding they need to change. They may end relationships, change jobs or move to people and places that have higher frequencies and match their new energy. When we are in sync with someone’s frequencies things feel good. Even if we are at lower frequency energy. For example, if you like drama or gossip you will find people that like the same energy and it will feel good to you. But when you change and no longer like drama and gossip and move to a peaceful loving vibration you will no longer resonate with people in the drama/gossip frequency. It will feel uncomfortable for both people involved. Because the frequencies no longer match. If someone is at a higher frequency trying to have a relationship with a person at a lower frequency it would be draining for both people. Why because one would have to lower their frequency and one would have to raise it to meet each other in the middle. This could work for a short time but is not sustainable in the long run. Each would be trying to get the other to match their frequency. This is why we have to be more compassionate when relationships, jobs or living situations no longer feel right. It’s not that someone didn’t love someone enough or try hard enough, sometimes we just don’t have the same frequency.

As you change your frequency don’t be afraid to let go of what no longer resonates. This will create room for things that do resonate in your life. If you are changing to higher vibrations of love, joy, happiness and peace, watch how you will bring in more of those situations and people. You are like a magnet that will draw in the same frequencies to you. Understand what habits are changing in your life. You may stop eating unhealthy foods, drinking, watching reality tv or news. Be respectful of your new needs and what is matching your frequency. When you allow in things that match your frequency you will feel more comfortable and things will flow easier for you. So decide what energies, emotions, vibrations and frequencies you want to live in. Then see how quickly and positively your life can transform!

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