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Understanding the Energy of Hate

Most of us in the spiritual community try to keep things positive and light. Talking about love, joy and happiness and how to achieve these energies in your life. But we also need to have conversations about the powerful and damaging energy of hate. It evens feels bad to bring it up and write about it. But it needs to be addressed. Because what is hate? It is actually the absence of love. Something happened over the last few years where people felt empowered by the energy of hate. Whether it was opinions on politics, medical care, social views and on and on. People turned to hate. And that created a ripple effect of even more hate. When people send out this energy guess what they are going to receive back? More hate. So, it was hard to find a way to stop the cycle. It was hard to give love to people that were so enraged and blinded with hate. So, what can we learn from the last few years? What can we absorb and change going forward? How can we understand the energy of hate and move to the energy of love?

Unfortunately, one of the big influences of condoning hate has been our society. Slowly hate has been introduced as being empowering and justified. If you don’t agree with them then send out the energy of hate. Or assume the other person is hateful. It became a lazy and easy solution for people to express their emotions instead of having open conversations with differing viewpoints. Hateful energy is a quick fix, easy solution to shut another person down. Hateful energy is usually used by people who are fearful. Fearing conflicting information or thoughts that can diminish who they are and what they believe. Hateful energy is essentially the fast food of the energy spectrum. But why was and is this energy so condoned by people that say they are about love and peace?

One way to look at the energy of hate is how it can easily slide to the other side. Say a group of people feel disempowered and treated badly by another group of people. What do they want? To be treated well, respected and to feel empowered. Great! But when they get this what do they do with it? Do they treat others they disagree with by giving love and respect or do they use their new status or power to disempower others? Hateful energy has a habit of just sliding from one group to the other. Feeling good by putting others down. And round and round it goes. I remember at my corporate job having to complete a video course on respectful workplace. I was blown away at what the video included. There was one person (the victim) that felt offended by a comment of another. The “victims” solution was to promote inflicting violence on the person they felt insulted by. And it was laughed off in the video. They just slid the hateful energy from the empowered to the disempowered person and again round and round it went. Telling employees that was the “right” solution to continue in hateful energy. But it never solved the issue. Only shifting the power and continuing the hate.

Take a look at a subject you feel passionate about. How do you express your views? Is it by sharing how you feel and open to other opinions and discussions? Or do you feel defensive and hateful towards someone that disagrees with you? Have you slipped into that hateful energy by feeling justified that you are right and they are wrong? Are you justifying using hateful energy? Hateful energy is a weapon that only produces more hate. If you are using this and feeling justified because someone else is just so wrong, maybe you should take a look at what you are promoting. Unfortunately, more Hateful energy. If you truly want to promote love know it can never exist when hate is used.

It was hard to watch over the last few years how people preached love and protecting each other by in fact hurting others. And very few people were able to see it. People with good hearts and good intentions fell into the fast-food energy of Hate. It takes a lot to have tolerance of others you don’t agree with or are different. It’s hard to slow down before rushing to judgement. But many people are tired, over worked, emotionally exhausted. So, the easy energy of hate becomes the emotion of choice. But you are not nourishing yourself or others with the energy of hate. It feels bad. It feels horrible to hurt others. It is a heavy energy that has no positive return. So why then do we keep choosing it? Is it because it is condoned by media, celebrities, social groups? Is it because all the cool kids are doing it? Why is it so appealing and why would anyone really want to promote it?

Think about how you are being influenced by the energy of hate. Have you received it and have you given it out? How does it feel? If you want to experience more love, happiness and joy you will never find it while participating in the energy of hate. If you say you are inclusive of others, are you really using this as judgement to actually exclude others? Do you raise and support people doing things you believe are good. Or do you try to shame, guilt or crush people that you feel should be doing something different? What energy are you using love or hate? The more awareness and responsibility we have with our energy, the greater impact we can have in a positive way on the world. Take time to do a self-check and see where you can change or even remove the energy of hate from your life.

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