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Stress and Your Energy

We all know it, hear it, experience it…Stress. One of the absolute worst things we can do to our physical, emotional, and energetic bodies is experience stress. This is common knowledge that we are all aware of but often take little action to change in our lives. Stress is a killer plain and simple. It depletes our energy, causes multiple issues within our physical bodies, causes anxiety and depression. Stress can come in many forms. We can experience stress at a job, in relationships, financial matters, health concerns. You name it we can turn it into a stressful situation. Unfortunately, most people do not have an easy choice to avoid stress or remove it from their lives. Most of us will just push through and survive the best we can. Our mental, physical, and energetic challenges just keep building as more stress comes into our lives. Most people do not see a way out or how to change so they keep trying to be stronger and push through to get things done. But to what end or cost? How can we start taking time for ourselves and doing the self-care, have better boundaries and make changes to lower our stress levels?

Most people do not really understand how stressful their lives are until they have encountered their breaking point. You know that time when it is just too much and you can’t physically or mentally do it anymore. Some people experience an illness or a big loss in their lives when they finally see they need to make a change. This is when it can be crystal clear that you need to change. But wouldn’t it be nice if you can make a healthy change before something that painful needs to happen? Instead of pushing and pushing yourself can you stop and look at your life and see what is no longer working? Can you make a choice to put your needs first and do what is best for you? Can you ask for the help or receive support from others? Most likely those last few sentences sounded ridiculous to you. Thinking yeah right who has time for that? Or no one would ever help me. If that is the case, then it’s time to really examine your life to see what bigger changes need to take place to make yourself a priority. This could mean changing relationships, jobs or living situations.

Many clients I see are normally the givers in most of their relationships. Always doing for others, putting other people’s needs first. They are the ones in the families or at work that are the problem solvers, overextending themselves to help out. Even doing it to a point where no one asked for their help. They might be unknowingly creating more work and stress for themselves out of habit rather than someone asking them for help. That is why it is so important to take a hard look at your life. Where can you pull back your time and energy and give it to yourself? What can you delegate to others? What can you let go control of or change your expectations? Where can you setup better boundaries with people and say no without feeling shame or guilt? These are the questions you want to start asking yourself to help reduce stress in your life. Start with having a clear awareness of what is not working any longer.

When we don’t take care of ourselves stress can build and build in our bodies. Most people don’t even know how stressed they are until they can pull out of it for a few moments or go on a vacation. We are normally on high alert all the time and do not even realize it. You have probably heard of fight or flight. That emergency chemical reaction that goes off in our body at times of stress. It’s really helpful to keep you out of physical danger but what happens when it gets triggered with emotional issues? Yes, that’s right just thinking about something that causes fear can trigger that fight or flight chemical response in our body. Thinking of past traumas or worrying about future issues can cause this response. We can spend a lot of time in our head worrying about future events, past situations and this keeps us in a constant state of fear, anxiety, and stress. Then our physical body is on high alert all the time. This can eventually lead to physical health issues. We then go see our doctors and they deal with the physical symptoms our body has created and treat them. But when do you ever treat the stress that is causing the physical issues? This is the unfortunate circle that we see in so many people’s lives. The same physical problems that may never get healed or multiply into other ailments. Because we truly never deal with the root cause that is stress and lack of self-care, we only treat the symptoms.

It’s time to start taking a hard and honest look at the root cause of your physical, emotional and energetic issues. What is causing stress in your life? How can you start reducing or eliminating this stress? Are you able to make bigger life changes to put your health and well being first? Love yourself enough to take the time to review your life. Know that change is always possible. Be brave enough to take care of you! Because your emotional, physical, and energetic health are so important. YOU are important. You deserve to feel good, have energy and live a stress-free life. It’s time to start taking care of you! Once you do see how much easier and fulfilling and healthier your life can be!

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