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Play in the New Energies

So many people spend a lot of time, energy and resources on improving, healing or transforming themselves. You may have worked extremely hard to release past trauma, set boundaries, heal old wounds, release hurt and find forgiveness and acceptance. And in the process of letting go of the old you are discovering the new you. But who is that? What do you want to become? How do you learn to adjust to your new energetic freedom? When we spend so much time healing or transforming it can be a weird sensation to find ourselves in a new place. You know the old energy and how to navigate it but what is this new energy? Could things really be easier, more fun and fulfilling? How can I trust that nothing will go wrong? How do I let myself play in the new energy and find the new me?

Whenever you make a big breakthrough, healing or transformation you need to make time and space to explore what you let go of and what you are drawn to now. It can be confusing and a scary time not knowing what is right for you. You may look outside yourself for answers or for someone to tell you your path. But ultimately only you know what is best for you. You choose to create the life that you want. You decide what feels good and what doesn’t. But you need to allow yourself the time to play and try out the new energy. This means you need to explore, and test out your new energy in work, relationships, friendships, activities, hobbies, and places you are drawn to. Let go of the fear of being wrong or failing. Because you are actually exploring and deciding. So how can you fail at something you are trying? Why put that pressure on yourself? Give yourself the freedom to explore and discover your new energy.

If you are in the new energy space in any area of your life you may feel frustrated and confused. Not sure what you are drawn to. But probably have a strong sense of what you no longer want. People around you may have said you’ve changed, or I don’t recognize you. And that is true because your energy, boundaries, wants and desires have changes so much. Those around you are allowed to express that view and feel it because the relationship with you is changing. But the change in relationship can also feel bad if you normally rely on them for validation on what is right or wrong for you. This change in energy can also feel isolating as you no longer connect with the old energy of certain relationships as you have in the past. But know that this is ok. You are not hurting or harming anyone by changing your energy. Be respectful of yourself and others as you go through these changes.

If you have had to make hard choices such as leaving a job, home, or relationships, take time to process the loss you feel. Know that these connections happened because of where your energy was at in the past. Don’t look at it as wasting time, or I should have known better. Instead recognize what your energy needed in the past and how it has changed now. Be compassionate with others that may be affected by your changes. But also know that if you no longer match energetic needs, it would be hard for yourself and another to keep trying to force the energies to match as they did in the past. Release yourself from responsibilities that are not yours. And allow others to move through their journey and experiences with kindness.

Now here is the fun part. Since you have released the past energy you are now free to explore so many new opportunities in your life! Do not limit yourself and instead play and explore! Try a new class, go to a new place, meet new people and see what fits with your new energy. The more you explore this you will open new parts of your energy. You may discover a new talent you never had before. You will find deeper ways to love your life and enjoy participating in it. All of this helps you align with your true energy. It helps you make decisions on what matches your energy and brings in more experiences and opportunities that match. You will be surprised at how fast things can change for the better and learn to trust the new energies you are playing in.

Know that once you change your energies you can never go backwards. It is like changing the shape of a puzzle piece and expecting it to still fit in the old puzzle. It just never will fit the same way. Don’t feel bad about this. Instead let yourself find your new puzzle. What fits with you now, what do I want to try, what matches the new me, who do I want to be? Let yourself play and explore and receive all the new energies that can come to you. You already did all the hard work of healing and transforming, so why not fully enjoy the energy you were working towards? You deserve it!

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