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Energetic Control

There is an invisible negotiation or battle going on for energetic control. People tend to go about their day and don’t even realize that most of our interactions involve some type of energetic negotiation, agreement or battle. We interact with the energy of a situation, place or person and decide if we will hold our energy, agree or compromise, or surrender. Every person is comfortable with their own energetic temperature. This could mean you like a certain vibration, positive, happy, creative. Or you may like drama, sadness, control or manipulation. When we interact with someone who is not our same energetic temperature, we need to decide if we will hold our energy, compromise or surrender to their vibration. We have a choice with every situation or person we encounter of how to respond. But what influences our choice or response? Is it a belief system, is it learned behavior and is it healthy to your energy? Are you maintaining energetic control or are you allowing others to determine your behavior?

Think of two people in a room. One likes it warm, and the other wants it cool. So, who gets the final decision? What determines what the temperature will be with both in it? Will one be firm and hold their temperature requirement? Will one surrender? Or will they both compromise on the temperature? Are you the type that over gives or puts your needs last? If so, you would likely surrender and let the other person decide the temperature and adjust how you need to. If you are firm in your energy or are used to receiving, you will likely expect the other person to comply with what you want. And if you still think your needs are important but want to respect the other person, you will likely try to find a compromise that works for both of you. So, who are you? Are you energetically uncomfortable most of the day? Are you always bending to other’s energetic needs? Are you even aware that you are giving away your energetic control to someone else? Do you push through your needs rarely bending to others? Or do you try to find what works best for all involved?

What if you are the person that needs to feel comfortable to handle a situation. Maybe you have learned to control the energy to suit your needs. This may be so automatic that you are not even aware you are doing it. Say you are comfortable with a certain type of communication style. You may be in a meeting and want others to speak your language. It might be direct, blunt and to the point. So you convince everyone your way is right. You push to make sure everyone is on board and speaking your communication style. This feels good since the style is what you want and are comfortable with. But in an effort to make yourself comfortable maybe you steamrolled right over people that were not comfortable with that communication style. Maybe their needs were not recognized or even ignored. They may be more sensitive or need a softer approach. Did you notice that or was it more important to get the energetic temperature that you needed? Did you assume energetic control over others for your comfort?

It's a fine line to balance when dealing with energetic control. First know that it is ok to recognize your needs and hold your energy. But be careful when demanding the same of others. Instead try to realize that everyone has the right to determine the right energetic temperature for themselves. Then decide who or what matches your energetic temperature. Choose people and situations that resonate with you and the energy you want to be in. Recognize when other people or situations are trying to control your energy by telling you what to think, feel, respond or do. Are others trying to assert energetic control over you? Think of when people use shame or guilt. This is energetic control. Trying to make you feel bad about a thought, belief or action so you will comply with a behavior they want. Think of an advertisement telling you their product is the best and then using emotional manipulation to get you to purchase it. Think of the news or social media telling you what is trendy or the right cause to stand behind. Think of the fashion industry showing you the colors of the season to be in style. All simple daily things but all showing examples of energetic control. Think about your day and how many times the things, situations or people you interact with are trying to get energetic control over you. Now consider why you feel exhausted and overwhelmed if you do not understand how to hold or energy.

Take the time to evaluate your day. Where are you giving away energetic control? Where are you taking it from others? Where do you compromise? Where do you feel like you are in the flow. Honoring your needs and being respectful of others. To gain more balance in your life it is important to understand your energy and how you manage it every day. Hold your energetic temperature in situations and see who you truly match with. What are you resonating with? Look at your job, relationships, home, social interactions. What matches you? And what are you constantly changing or adapting your energy to? The more awareness you have the more you can make changes to live a healthier energetic life.

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