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Energetic Chameleon

Are you a person that tends to bend to other’s needs? Do you find yourself changing your likes and dislikes depending on who you are around? Are you a different person around family compared to who you are at work? Do you change yourself to energetically match people you date or are in relationships with? If so, you are probably an Energetic Chameleon! An Energetic Chameleon can be described as someone who tends to energetically match other people or situations they are around. Just as a chameleon changes its colors to match its surroundings so do you energetically. A chameleon uses this to stay safe or hidden among other needs. It can keep them out of danger and easily blend into their environment. If you are someone that tends to match others energetically, why are you doing it? Are you trying to stay safe, fit in or please other people? Are you doing it to be loved, accepted, or approved? If you have done this for a long time, do you even know who you are energetically?

Trying to match other people’s energy can be a very natural thing. We do it to fit in easily, to enjoy our surroundings or to make others comfortable. But what if you do it to a degree where you lose yourself? Never knowing who you really are or asking for what you really need? You might have learned to put other people’s needs first and always adapted to them. Never trusting how you really feel or learned what is right for you. It might have been easier to go with the crowd you were around and align with their thoughts and opinions. You may have been in relationships where you took on the likes and dislikes of the person you were with. Mimicking their energy to be loved or accepted. You may have felt safer not to stand out in a crowd or voice your opinion, so you energetically hid yourself. There are many reasons why we choose to match other’s energy. Some feel right and others can feel needed for survival. The important thing is to start recognizing when and how often you are being an energetic chameleon.

Some of you might be thinking what is wrong with matching your energy with others. It feels good, I receive love, it might feel safe or make you happy. And correct there is nothing wrong with doing it when it feels right without losing yourself. But it is important to notice if you do it too much or it becomes your normal routine. Are you more likely to match other’s energy instead of establishing your own? When we match other people all the time we are not on our true energetic path. We are not choosing what is best for us and we may not even know what is best for us. Every choice might take so much extra energy because you are making it for someone else’s energy and not your own. What would they do? How would they like it? How will it affect them? What will cause the least problems? And when we make choices from this perspective, we are never truly happy and can end up feeling very frustrated. This is because we do not recognize what we really want or need and acknowledge it. Each choice and action are done for someone else’s needs and not our own. It may keep us safe from judgement or upsetting people or give us approval or love from others, but it will never truly bring you happiness.

Take a look at your life and see where and who you are matching energy with? Look at the reasons why you feel you need to do this? Evaluate if it is in alignment with what makes you happy. Then you can start to have more awareness of how often and when you are doing this. You might be a person that everyone gets along with and think you are so nice. And why wouldn’t they? You are always matching their energy. Doing what they want to do. Giving them what they need. Who wouldn’t love receiving that kind of matching energy? It’s like a huge buffet of free energy! You might be doing this because you want to be liked and please people. It is how you receive approval for your definition of love. You may do it if you are around someone that has a temper. You try to match them and keep them happy, so they do not get upset. You may want a new relationship to work so you try and match what they like and love to do. But in the process, you may lose your identity. You may work in a job that is customer orientated and you match their needs to earn their approval. There are so many reasons why we match the energy of others. Where are you matching in your life?

Once you can recognize when you are matching energies and the reason behind it, you can start healing. Learning what you are seeking outside of yourself and learn how to create it for yourself. It will give you the freedom to be in your own energy. Understand what you like and don’t like. Know what is best for your life. Choose things, situations or relationships that match the real you! Trust that people will still like you or enjoy being around you even if you don’t match them. Let them discover the beautiful unique you! That is when you can feel like you’re in a real energetic flow. When things start to become easier, and you have more energy back for yourself. You will start making choices that match your needs. And you start drawing in things and people that match you! Take a good look at where you might be an Energetic Chameleon. Have the awareness of why you are doing it and start healing. Start making choices for your energetic needs and see how your life can flow easier and bring in what you really desire!

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