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Change – Get off the Wheel!

How often do you say you want change in your life? Daily, weekly, or even hourly? We often get to a point in our lives where we crave a change but don’t know how to make it happen. You may feel so stuck because the same things keep happening over and over and over. Do you feel like your repeating the same habits, same stories same scenarios? You desperately want change but are confused why it’s not happening. Well if so, you may feel like your stuck on a hamster wheel of life….an endless circle of the same things happening over and over and feeling like there is no way off the wheel.

Well what’s the definition of insanity? Say it with me…Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Yes if you take a hard look at yourself, you’ll find that most of us are doing just that. You may be wanting a change, dreaming about it and even setting strong intentions. But what are your actions? Are you doing anything different to produce different results? Or are you doing the same actions and expecting change without really participating in change?

Now I know some of you are saying well yes, I have taken action, but nothing has happened. But what was that action? Was it still the same actions you have done in the past? Or are you pushing yourself to stretch and try something new? Here is an example, say you want a new job. One that pays better, has better hours, great co-workers, shorter commute, less stress and better benefits. Who doesn’t right?! You say you want these things in your life, but do you believe you can have them? If not, then your actions may be to apply only for jobs that you think you can have and not the dream job you really want. Your probably only being drawn to apply to the same type of job that you have right now. So even though your taking action it is truly a “different” action? Or is that action just running you on the same wheel over and over again?

If you really want to see a different result, then stretch yourself and apply for your dream job. Search for jobs in places you haven’t before. Then when an opportunity comes to you don’t dismiss it or reason why you can’t have it or don’t deserve it. Push yourself past any fears or doubts and take the action that you wouldn’t in the past. That will bring about new opportunities and different results. Get off the wheel and change your actions!

This has been such a common theme for so many people lately. We work so hard to put an intention out of what we want. Then we try to change our belief system to say we can have it. But then are we putting the action in place to move in the direction of the change we truly want? The universe may be bringing us opportunities and laying them at our doorstep. But are we willing to take the different action to bring those opportunities into our lives? Because the one important piece to remember is that the only way change can happen is if we are the change.

Sometimes change can feel like taking a leap of faith. You don’t really know what will happen when you stop running on the wheel. You don’t know how you will feel or where you will go. But sometimes the urge is so strong to make a change that we need to take that leap and jump off! So, can you take that new action? Think about your life right now and what you feel the urge to change. Has it been something that has been going on for many years? Is it something that causes so much stress and exhaustion? Have you been holding yourself back from receiving success and good things in your life? If so, look at your current actions or lack of action. Are you doing the same things every day? Talking to the same people, going to the same places? What if you just went somewhere new? What if you changed one thing in your daily routine? Go to a different place for coffee, sign up for a new class, go shopping somewhere new. What if you took one action that stretched you and pushed you out of your comfort zone? And just what if that one new action brought about the change that you have been craving for so many years? What if?!

It is time to take a leap of faith and try a new action. Jump off of your wheel! That is the only way to allow real change into your life. Start by taking new action in your daily life and be the change you want. Then watch the domino effect of wonderful new change and how the opportunities will unfold!

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